February Favorites

As this is going to be a longer post than usual with quite a lot of pictures, this will be only written in English. This will be easier for everyone to follow with the pictures by the sideDSC_0784_1

February has ended, so it is time for a February Favorites post wherein I introduce some of my favorite products I have discovered and tested, both make-up-wise as well as careproducts. So, buckle up because you’re in for a wild ride ;-).


1. Freedom Pro Highlight DiffusedDSC_0731_1

At first sight, this highlighter has a slight beige-pinkish tint, but when you try it out on the back of your hand (or even immediately your face) you can tell it gives off a nice light pinkish glow. I also love the design it comes in (as you can see it has a little wave in it) and the price is definitely a dealbreaker. Only 5€ for this beautiful highlighter. Definitely a musthave!

DSC_0734_12.Essence All About Matt! Fixing compact powder

Honestly, before I started doing this make-up thing more seriously, I never had heard of fixing powder. So I went on the search for something cheaper than the high-end products, but that would still work as well. And I found it in this powder from Essence! This honestly works as a charm for me and it is budget-friendly.

3. W7 Contour Palette DSC_0737_1

I found this one while shopping after my exams last month. It was only 10€ and I thought I could definitely give it a try for that price. It is a powder based contour palette and it comes with a brush included. The lightest shade is not that pigmented, so I pretty much use my highlighter instead of that highlighter, but the other shades are nicely pigmented. It also comes with a little manual on the back of the packaging, which tells you how to contour your face. So, perfect for beginners to contouring or anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly contour palette!

DSC_0743_14.Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I was on the lookout for a new mascara, since mine was getting old and I was not really happy with it in the first place. I did some research and found Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara. I did hesitate at first because of the high price (25€) but I decided to wing it after seeing some reviews. I LOVE IT. It makes my lashes longer, gives them more volume, makes them curl nicely upward and makes my eyes look more wide open. I will not go into more detail as I will write an extensive post about this product next week!

DSC_0747_15. Yes To Coconut Shampoo + Conditioner

Remember how my first blogpost was about hairproducts? Well, I tried something new as
the Inecto Shampoo formula had gotten a bit too watery and found the Yes To Coconut products. Again, the products basis is coconut oil, for the shampoo argan oil is added whereas in the conditioner kukui seed oils are added. These have been so good to my hair. I also do not need to use anti-knot products anymore afterwards, I just comb right through my hair. Definitely a must-have for your hair! For the conditioner, an extensive review will follow.

DSC_07486. Lush’s Daddy-O Shampoo

I only started buying from Lush a few months ago even though I had known the brand for a year or so. But when I bought this in February, I did not expect that much of it. I actually love it. It smells so good and I just know this is good for your hair. It is not as strong as silvershampoo to keep the silver in your hair, but it will definitely keep your blond hair from going yellow. If you want to read more about this product, I’ve wrote a part about it here.

7. Liquid Lipsticks.DSC_0750

I have definitely extended my lipstick collection over the past month with quite a few lipsticks. Since I have discovered how smudgeproof liquid lipsticks are and how they just stay on your lips forever, I have found two liquid lipsticks that are my absolute favorite. Mina from Ofra is a beatiful berry-red colour and is the perfect dark colour to really finish your look. Fantasy from LASplash is a more neutral pinkish colour that is more for everyday use, which you can easily pair with a smokey eye, as I did in this post .

DSC_0588_18. Yes To Cucumber Cleansing Gel + Moisturiser

I am not going to say much about this as there is an extensive post coming about this on Sunday, but this has helped my skin so much. I’ve been struggling with impurities and redness on my skin for months and even though I’ve only been using this for like two weeks, I can notice the difference. My skin is so much cleaner, less redness and also itches less.



9. Milani’s Stay Put Brow ColourDSC_0564_1

I recently switched to cream brow colour instead of pencil and powder and it was the best decision I’ve made regarding my brows. I can really put some definition in my brows, and it just stays on way longer than it used to. Extensive review about this product can be read here.


These were my February Favorites. Do you know/use any of these and what are your favorites?


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