Everyday essentials that you should have

This post will be written completely in English. 

There are a few important products, beauty and non-beauty related, I carry with me everyday and I think you should too!

Most importantly : water!
I always carry water with me wherever I go. I make sure to check if I still have a full bottle before I leave or whenever I forget it, I buy some on the way. Water is needed to keep you hydrated and focused during the day and is of high importance, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. So bottoms up!

2. Hand lotion
My hands always get dry after washing them, or sometimes I just really need to re-hydrate them, when I feel they are starting to become really dry. So, I always carry this hand lotion with me as it is my favorite and it doesn’t make your hands greasy (I absolutely hate it when products do that!). It smells nice too.

3. Tissues
Even though this is, in my opinion, an important product, I notice that many people seem to forget to bring them from time to time. I always make sure to have at least one extra handkerchief with me or just paper tissues.

4. Deodorant
Lastly, as I have to ride my bike to class it can get sweaty every now and them, especially when it is hotter outside. So I make sure to always carry my deodorant with me wherever I go, to avoid unpleasant scenarios. You also do not want to smell all sweaty when you’re in class, neither do you want people to be bothered by your smell. So I just play safe and carry it with me at all times.

5. Lip balm
I don’t need to use lip balm a lot but it can be nice to have at hand when it’s cold outside or when you’re down with a cold and your lips are chapped. (Note: if you use it when you’re sick, do not forget to desinfect afterwards to kill the bacteria). In short, it is a nice product to always have with you.

(6. Lipstick)
I do not put lipstick on everyday, but whenever I do I make sure my lipstick is safely put away in my bag so I can touch up my lipstick when I feel I need to.


What are some of the things/products you find essential to carry with you everyday? Let me know in the comments below.


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