A message to all of you

Today would normally mark day 6 of my ’10 looks in 10 days’ series. However, I have decided to not post anything of that kind today and I will tell you why in this post. Today, my country was attacked, people were bombed in the airport and metrostations and other threats were outed too, which you have, by now, no doubt seen on your local news(site). I want you to take a moment to think about/tell the people you love that you love and appreciate them, I want you to think about all the innocent victims these wars have made, not only in my country but also all over the world, not only today but the weeks/months/years that have passed. I want you to think about the family and friends they left behind, about the lives they had in front of them. This is also what I will do tonight.

There is only one message I want to give you and that is love the people around you, live your life to the fullest, go out when you want to, stay in bed when you want to, travel wherever your heart wishes to go. Raise your daughters/sons to love the people around them, to have compassion, not only regarding humans but also towards animals. Learn them to tolerate those around them, to help them, to love them. The world has become a scary place and it is up to us and future generations to make it better. We should not only take care of the planet, but also of the people that live on it and this can only be done by showing love towards others, to make them see what love and compassion are.

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