Lush bathbomb haul

Even though I’ve known Lush for about a year or longer, I’ve only bought my first bathbomb from them a few months ago. I was so smitten with it, I decided to go buy a few more. This is my current collection : DSC_0796

From front to back : intergalactic, dragon’s egg, unicorn horn and frozen bathbomb.

I did however already use the dragon’s egg. It turned out to be pretty yellow inside, and it turned my bathtub bright yellow.

The unicorn horn is more of a bubble bar, which means you can use it more than once.

I always find it a shame to use these products as I just love their look so much, but I also do find lots of joy in actually using them. Your skin feels soft, the water turns into a nice bright colour. What more can you wish for?

What are your favorite LUSH products?


8 thoughts on “Lush bathbomb haul

  1. hmella says:

    These look amazing, I know what you mean when you don’t want to use them cause they look so pretty. My favourite is Yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon.

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