March favorites

As another month has come to an end, it’s time for my monthly favorites. I have quite a lot of products/things I want to show you so let’s get started ;).


1. Zoeva Brushes 
As I only had one set of brushes, which didn’t even contain brushes for eyeshadow, I decided it was time to invest in some new brushes. I also had tried the forever 21 makeupDSC_0916_1 brushes, but they were so hard and itchy and they pretty much started shedding hair whenever you even touched them, so I went looking for a decent set of brushes. After thinking about the investment for a long time, I decided to go for Zoeva’s Vegan Prime Set (85€) along with a fan brush (as the set didn’t have one) and I’ve been loving and using it ever since. It is a bit pricey but SO WORTH THE MONEY. If you guys want an extensive review, let me know in the comment section!

2. My new makeup bag
Even though I’m pretty sure the French on this bag is not completely correct, I still love it and it was a super bargain at only 6€. I have used it to put my eyeshadow palettes in and it is the nicest size to take some makeup with you for a short vacation or something. The inside is pink too, and I just pretty much love it.

3. Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3DSC_0930_1
Phew, what a name right! I got this palette from my friend Amber (thanks again!) because she didn’t want it anymore and I have been using it so much. These are all pink colours, so perfect for spring and summer and overall, they are pretty pigmented too.

4. Devoted by The Balm
When this lipstick first arrived, I wasn’t too sure about it as I found it way too red, but over time I’ve come to love it and it is such a bright and fun colour to wear in spring and DSC_0919_1summer. The only disadvantage really is the minty smell, but that disappears after a
while, so stick in there ;).

5. JLo by L’Oréal (Pink)

I’ve had this lipstick for several months now, and in the beginning I just was so smitten about it, I couldn’t stop wearing it. But when my makeup addiction set in and I purchased a heap lipsticks more to add to my collection, this one kind of got shoved behind. But since pinks are all in this spring, I’ve been wearing it more again and it still is one of my favorites. Such a bright pink, even though it looks purple!

6. Freedom Fixing SprayDSC_0933_1
As my prom was approaching, I was in dire need of a fixing spray that didn’t cost too much
but would still do a decent job. That’s when I came across this fixing spray from Freedom Makeup. I must say, my makeup did stay on so good when I used this product and my face didn’t get shiny at all (except the highlight that is 😉 ). So if you’re in need for a decent looking fixing spray, look no further!


7. Cosmetic Brush Cleaner 

I bought this cleaner because I didn’t want to clean my brushes everyday with baby shampoo during the ’10 looks in 10 days’ series. I must say it does a really good job at cleaning your brushes, the only disadvantage is that it’s pretty perfumed. So I don’t know if it’s good to use when you’re allergic to perfume or just sensitive to it.

8. Micellar Water
I recently added this to my skincare routine and it has been a gift from heaven. My face has cleared up so much and it just makes my face feeling nice after I’ve used it. I’ve also started using this as makeup remover instead of my normal “only” makeup remover. 12924482_10205792672647214_847632185490628723_n

9. My new Nikes
I only purchased these on Thursday but man, I love them so much already. Also, all of Nikes shoes are really comfortable so you can’t go wrong with them.

10. Banners-Ghosts
I’ve been listening to this ever since it was on Teen Wolf.

Do you know/use/love any of these products or alternatives of these, let me know!



4 thoughts on “March favorites

  1. thebeauparlour says:

    Zoeva is my favorite brush brand! They are really affordable compared to others. Micellair water was my favorite a long time ago but it doesnt really clean your eyes well, so I only use it sometimes to refresh my face.

    • Saskia says:

      Yes, ever since I got Zoeva brushes I have barely used my other ones! And I find it actually does a better job than my ‘normal’ makeup remover, so I just keep using it ha xx

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