Let’s talk Mascara

Those of you who have been following me for some time/reading my posts, no doubt by now know Benefit’s Roller Lash is my absolute favorite mascara. However,  it is kind of expensive and as you may or may not have heard, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara is supposedly a dupe for Benefit’s Roller Lash. Since I am always on the lookout for good makeup products, I decided to try this one out myself.  So keep reading for my comparison.DSC_0980_2

Let’s first concentrate on the brushes of both mascaras. They are definitely quite similarDSC_0984_1.JPG, as they have the same kind of bristles as well as shape. However, the Maybelline one is definitely more curvy with longer bristles. Thus, application-wise they are more or less the same.

When we look at the mascara formula itself, I like Benefit’s formula more as it is drier and thus it’s harder to get mascara on your eyelid like we all have from time to time. Furthermore, another aspect in which I find Benefit’s Roller Lash better is the fact that I find it easier to separate my lashes with that mascara in comparison with the Maybelline one. I find that if you are not careful with the Maybelline mascara you might end up with spidery lashes.

Now, on to the good aspects of both mascaras. They both makes your lashes appear longer, give them a nice curl, make them volumeous (Is that even a word?) and they make your lashes appear absolutely black So, regarding those characteristics they are absolutely dupes.

DSC_0998Overall, I do find that they are very good dupes as you can hardly tell that I’m wearing different mascaras on different eyes in this picture. The only way you can see it is that because of the more liquidy formula of the Maybelline mascara it was harder to get a nice result on my lower lashline, thus making it appear less black than where I’ve used my Roller Lash.

So, if you’re low in cash or just do not want to spend 25€ on a mascara, you can definitely go for Maybelline’s Lash Sensational. I would definitely buy this mascara again and recommend it to others.

What is your favorite mascara?



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