Lost and found: makeup edition

As I was cleaning my room today, I came across some makeup purchases I did over the last year or so, before I really got into makeup and I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I used to buy and if I would repurchase them. I do want to point out that I only show makeup in this post that isn’t expired yet, before anyone goes crazy saying makeup has an expiration date (I know). DSC_1146_1

This is what I came across with :

  1. Hema eyeshadow duo
    I think these were the first two colours of eyeshadow that I bought and I have used them quite a lot. These were my favorite and they were so festive! There both shimmery, one golden and one brown and were easy to do a transition with. For being a more cheaper brand, these are definitely quite pigmented. I would repurchase this product.
  2. Finextrème Blush*DSC_1161_1
    I bought this supercheap, but honestly I have never used it and don’t plan on using it anymore. I swatched it and you can barely see it and whatever product you can see just looks really powdery. Not the kind of blush you want to go for.
  3. A brandless brush*
    I think this could be a contouring brush, even though it doesn’t have quite the same shape, but I honestly haven’t encountered this shape before so I don’t know. It also looks really cheap and lots of the hairs are sticking out, so I might just throw it in the garbage bin.
  4. Essence lipgloss
    I don’t even know why I bought this. I don’t even like lipgloss (no offence to those who do, I just prefer matte lipsticks). However, it seems like this is a good product and I know essence is not expensive, so if you like lipgloss, certainly a product you could try out.
  5. E.L.F. Eyeliner and shadow stick
    I actually bought this last summer and I haven’t even opened it! I was so glad I hadn’t opened it because otherwise I would probably have to throw it away. I am most excited to try this out. It is a gorgeous black liner and I’m sure I could make the shadow stick work too one way or another. Be sure to keep an eye on my instagram to see if I use it in any of my makeup looks!
  6. E.L.F. Illuminating Face PrimerDSC_1164_1
    I was so excited to try this out, but there’s a reason I hid it away in my room. This primer contains so many glitters that it literally looks like you’ve poured a pot of glitter on your face. It is also very golden, which I really don’t like. I might use it for highlight though, but I wouldn’t repurchase this product. However, I have heard the other makeup primer by E.L.F. is very good and affordable, so let me know if you’ve tried out that one!
  7. Paris Memories Kohl Pencil*
    Even though this was super cheap, it is such a nice eyeliner! It is super black, and it doesn’t smudge, which I like. I would not repurchase this, as I’ve discovered some new favorites of mine in the meantime, but it is/was definitely a nice product!
  8. Manhattan Soft Compact Powder
    I bought this about a year or so ago, thinking it was foundation, so that’s what I used it for. I have definitely learned more about makeup and would now use it to finish off my look. However, I don’t feel like I would repurchase it, again because I’ve discovered some really nice products in the meantime.

*Number 2,3 and 7 were bought in this dollar store kind of thingie, so that’s why the brands are not well known or not known at all. 

Have you recently rediscovered some ‘lost’ makeup products? Let me know in the comment section!


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