Wardrobe Wednesday

So here I am again, with my series ‘Wardrobe Wednesday’. Last week you guys got to see a full outfit I sometimes wear, but this week however I want to focus on just solely one of my favorite items in my closet, my pants!

I do not like pants in general as finding the right size is quite a burden. Most of the times I have to go up several sizes to get the pants to fit my tighs nicely, but then the waist-area is too big and it’s just not flattering.. That was the case up until I tried my first TopShop pants! Seriously, look at how worn these babies are – you can tell by the colour, the ripped knees were already that way in the beginning!


I have two TopShop pants and I pretty much just switch between those two. I am definitely looking to broaden my collection, but for now two will do. I like how with TopShop, in contrast with for example H&M, you can actually choose the width of your pants AND the length. This is a huge deal for me as I am really tiny but I also don’t like to cut the bottom of my pants… So, well done!

I can’t just exactly tell you which pants these black ones are as 1. I’ve had them for two years now and 2. They’ve been worn and washed so much that all the labels have gone unreadable or have been cut out.

Be sure to give TopShop a try if you feel like finding the right size of pants for you is hell!



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