Wardrobe Wednesday

Already the third week of this series! Time goes by quickly when you’re having fun, I guess ;). Today’s post is about an essential accessory that I personally feel everyone should need in their closet/accessories drawer, even if you don’t wear it everyday: watches! I personally find that watches can make you look more professional, can make your everyday outfit just that little bit more classy and complicated, especially when you’re like me and barely wear jewelry. That’s why I want to show you three watches I own.


The first one is the one I use for everyday occassions, as it is a classy and timeless design. It is a nice extra to your outfit and doesn’t attract too much attention. I got this one for my birthday last year and it was made in Hong Kong by the brand Tine. I have never heard of that brand before though, but I must say I really love this one! It is a nice trade-off between brown colours and golden colours, which makes it perfect for anyone to wear. This one also fits with pretty much everything, even when I’m just in sweater and jeans I will still put on this watch and it won’t look completely weird.


The next one is actually the first one I got, only 2 or 3 years ago! Can you believe I’ve never really had watches before? I mean, I did have watches before, I just never used them. I then saw this one and was smitten! I got this one at Aldo at the time. It is quite heavy in design and pretty big too, but I like to wear this with a simple dress or just even shorts and a t-shirt.


The last one I have is one by Cluse. I actually bought this in sale for only 25€ when the original price was like 125€ or something. I instantly fell in love with this one as it is rose golden, and has such a pretty design on the strap, kind of spotty and it reminds me of leopard print or something! This one is less heavy in design than the Aldo one, so can definitely be paired with more than that one. I like to use this one for my everyday outfits, to accentuate outfits, really anything.

Let me know what you think!


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