So, last week you could buy a Goed Gevoel magazine which included a deautybox* for only 6.90€ extra if I’m remembering correctly. (It is possible that you can still buy this combination as it is a monthly magazine, but I’m not sure). Seeing as it is a box full of beauty products, – which you normally only get if you subscribe – I ofcourse had to buy it and try out the products for scientific purposes (aka my blog). I haven’t had the chance to try out all of them yet, or have only used them once or twice, so this post is purely going to be about what is in the box and which products I am most excited to try out. Full reviews will follow in the coming weeks! 



Dove Dermaspa Goodness³ Hand Cream
This handcream is supposed to work really fast for dry hands, thus making it effective every moment of the day. Furthermore, there are oils in there that calm the skin and makeDSC_1237_1 your hands really soft. I do like the scent of this one, it has a really sweet scent but I can’t really put my finger on it. Lastly, it is a really big tube, it actually contains 75 ml!

Naobay Body Radiance Lotion
So this is a sort of body lotion, that immediately gets into your skin, leaving no sticky layer after putting it on (meaning your clothes won’t stick to your skin). There is olive oil, avocado oil and shea butter in there to give your skin a vitamine booster. It has a strong citrussy smell in my opinion, but nothing too bad or annoying. This product has organic ingredients only and completely natural.

DSC_1227_1Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 
Supposedly, this hydrates the area around your eyes, makes dark under eye circles less visible and reduces fine lines. You need to apply this eye cream every morning and evening. There is also no parabens, silicons or other nasties in there, and it is 99% natural. This cream smells like a medical cream, if you get what I mean.

Unani Il-luminate Cream
This is a daycream (and nightcream) that will improve the colour of your skin, will hydrate it, give it a nice glow and supposedly will make it more even-toned. Again, this product is an all-natural product. I really like the smell of this one, again I cannot really say what it smells like, but it has a nice, soft smell. The formula is kind of runny though, so you easily get too much product.

Rainpharma Faithful Face Guard 
This is actually a product by a Belgian company (rainpharma). I’ve been meaning to try out their products for a while now, so having this sample in here makes me happy. This product is again 100% natural. It actually has different properties, you can use it as a serum, eyecream and day- and nightcream. This way you only have to take this one with you instead of your normal 3-4 products. It has a yellow colour and kind of smells like different spices.DSC_1241_1

Dessange Sublime Restructure Conditioner
This conditioner is especially meant for damaged hair, making it softer and shinier. There is no silicone in this product. I’m not going to lie, I’m not really excited about this one as I’m pretty happy with my current hair products and I don’t think anything can ever beat them. However, I will try it out and keep you guys updated.

Overall, I am most excited to try out the Dove handcream, Unani’s facecream and the Balance Me Eyecream. I do look forward to the Rainpharma 4 in 1 formula too, but I’m a bit skeptic as I’m not sure if one cream for your full face will actually work as good as two (or more) different ones, but we will see!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products !


*You can buy deautybox on but only if you live in Belgium! 

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