Tangle Teezer: a hype?

Even though the original Tangle Teezer already came out in 2007, I only discovered it over the last few months. I was a bit skeptic to buy the product though, since I wasn’t completely convinced that a ‘special’ brush could untangle your hair, without pain and without pulling endlessly trying to get through that strand. But then I was in Sephora and I just decided to buy a travel size version as this could make an interesting blog post. So here it goes.

DSC_1086_1What makes the Tangle Teezer so differently from other, standard brushes is the fact that
it has a row of long bristles, then a row of shorter ones and it alternates. I still think it’s weird that just by alternating the lengths, your hair gets untangled easier and just combs through faster than any other brush… But it seems to work, so hey I’m not complaining!

So, for the past month I have been trying it out and using it instead of my normal brush. I take this one with me everywhere! I don’t lose as much hair by combing it than when I use a normal brush, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t get all tangled up in your hair… I’ve been loving it. However, I haveDSC_1088_1 also noted that especially when I come out of the shower it is not completely painless and perfect. It is still hard to comb through my hair after showering, but it is not that bad anymore that I have to use an untangling spray. I did find out though that there apparently is also a Tangle Teezer Aqua brush, for after showers or pool hangs or something, so I might look into that and do an updated post on that one!

In short, I’ve been loving this brush. It is not completely perfect, it sometimes is still hard to untangle my hair, it sometimes still pulls out my hair when brushing, BUT it is way better than using a standard brush.

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer?


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