Spring and Summer lipsticks!

Today I’ll take you through my favorite spring/summer lipsticks that I currently have in my collection. Most of these will be lighter shades, but more vibrant colours as you will see. Ofcourse you can still wear darker lips in summer, or more nude colours if you feel like doing so, and I’m sure I will do so sometimes. But I personally feel like I want to wear more vibrant colours when the sun is out, they also add some pop of colour to your outfit. Anyways, let’s just get to the point.


I placed my six favorite colours on a tray. Starting at the top with the vibrant pink, going clockwise: L’Oréals colour riche pink in Blake, Ofra Miami Fever, The Balm Devoted, L’Oréal Colour Riche Pink in JLo, Ofra Santa Ana and Hema colour 01.

The Ofra liquid lipsticks are my favorites to wear at the moment. Miami Fever is a nice darker orange, whereas Santa Ana is more of a pink-redish colour, a watermelon-ish kind of colour. For swatches of these two, check out this post. 

Of the other four lipsticks, only one is red and the other three are pink colours. Even though L’Oréals JLo looks dark and purple it is a vibrant pink with a purple undertone, whereas the Blake colour is more of a neon pink colour. I like both colours because you can build up the intensity to which you want. They are also quite longlasting for just a lipstick. The hema lipstick then is a very bright, but a little darker pink colour and let me tell you, it is one of the most long-lasting colours I have in my stash and it’s not even a liquid lipstick!

The last lipstick I like to wear on sunny days is Devoted by the Balm, this liquid lipstick is not my favorite of the ones I have, however the colour is absolutely gorgeous. It is a matte bright red that is perfect for everyday wear, but also for more classy events.

I quickly swatched these last four colours for you. From left to right: The Balm Devoted, L’Oréal Blake, L’Oréal JLo, Hema 01.


Which ones do you like most? Let me know!



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