Wardrobe Wednesday

Another Wednesday means another look into my collection of clothes, shoes and everything else related. Today I will talk about my most precious pair of shoes in my collection. I have never even wore these shoes, but I just loved them so much I had to buy them.


The shoes I’m talking about are Vans, from the Vans x Disney ‘Young at Heart’ collection from last Summer. As Winnie the Pooh was my absolute favorite character growing up, I just had to get them as soon as I saw this collection. However, it proved to be quite the search to find them in my size as they were sold out all on the internet and in pretty much every mall I went to. Eventually, I did find them in my size and bought them. I have never worn them up to date as I don’t want them to wear out or get dirty or anything. So they just sit in my closet for me to admire pretty much.

Did you buy any shoes of this Vans x Disney collection?


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