Dove Derma Spa Handcream

If you’ve read my deautybox post a while ago, you  probably know there was a Dove Handcream in there. I was really excited to test out this product since I always have dry hands and I just need to take handcream with me everywhere. So, this was an excellent opportunity to try something different than my normal handcream (which is by Inecto from the Pure Argan range, I love it). I have been using this handcream for a couple of weeks now and let me tell you, the first time I put this on, I actually had to wash my hands immediately because it is so greasy and I do not like greasy products at all. However, a few weeks ago I forgot my beloved handcream by Inecto at home, so I had to use this one for a whole week and it is really not that bad as I first thought.

It is greasy when you first put it on, BUT it is only greasy for like 30 seconds or so. It gets into your skin super quickly, leaving your hands super soft. My friend was actuallyDSC_1315_1 surprised to see me type on my computer so quickly after putting on this handcream haha.

I also really like the scent of it,
it has a sweet scent but like not overwhelming or anything. It’s really subtle. It also lasts a long time, sometimes I can still smell it like an hour or so later. I don’t know if it’s necessary but you don’t hear me complaining about it ;).

However, I did find that the skin on my fingers was actually cracking because they were so dry and I didn’t feel like putting on this handcream did a lot to it at all. I put it on like 10 times a day or so, especially on that area and I didn’t notice any improvement, whereas when I started using my normal handcream it actually improved and got less dry. I’m not saying it is completely gone yet, but I do notice it getting better. It is also possible that I put on the Dove handcream at the worst moment and I switched to the Inecto one when it was already healing…

So based on all this, it is a nice handcream that makes your hands supersoft, but I feel like it’s not the most moisturising handcream there is on the market.

Have you tried this out?


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