Zoeva Rose Golden Palette Review

Ever since discovering Zoeva a couple of months ago and purchasing their vegan brush set which I absolutely love, I have been eyeing up their products to add to my collection. So when I was on the search for eyeshadow palettes, I decided to try out one of their palettes since they are on the cheaper side but are still said to be pigmented. And ofcourse, you know, for scientific purposes I had to try them out myself. 😉 So here we go.

I purchased the golden rose palette, as this was the most appealing to me. This palette has both shimmer and matte colours in it, which I absolutely love because I like to add a little bit of shimmer to my makeup.

Let’s talk pigmentation first. I found this palette super pigmented for only 21,80€. All colours were nicely pigmented, there were no colours in this palette that I didn’t like pigment-wise. I quickly put on some eyeshadow primer and swatched them for you.

(Top) From left to right: Luster, Reflective Elegance, Copper is King, Shining Bright, Rusty Petals


(Bottom) From left to right: Foil, Just a Rose, Golden Rule, Harmony, Wonder Full


As you may have noticed, some of these colours have a different colour swatched on my arm in comparison with the palette. I have noticed this also, and this is especially so for the colours Copper is King and Foil. However, these colours are still gorgeous and I love them.

Ofcourse, the final test is to create a look with these eyeshadows and check how well they blend and if there is any fallout. I created a look with the colours Luster, Copper is King and Golden Rule. It was a quite soft look.


I did find the shimmer wasn’t really visible on the lid, but it still gave a nice look. It did blend well however and I did not experience any fallout.

In short, I love this palette and I would repurchase this.


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