Cleansing toners: Hema vs Yves Rocher

For today’s post I thought it’d be interesting to compare cleansing toners of a cheaper brand versus one that costs a little bit more, but is still very affordable. So I will be comparing a Hema cleansing toner vs an Yves Rocher cleansing toner. For those of you who don’t know neither Hema nor Yves Rocher, in Hema you can find pretty much everything except groceries whereas Yves Rocher is a beauty-retailer. Let’s get started! –

Note: these are cleansing toners, not exfoliating so they will just remove the bits of your makeup your remover or micellar water couldn’t get off 


The first thing I noticed is that there is alcohol in the Hema toner. Obviously, you want to avoid alcohol in your products as this dries out your skin. I wasn’t into makeup and skincare that much yet when I bought this hence I didn’t check any of the ingredients and just purchased it because it was a toner. There is no alcohol in the Yves Rocher one.

However, in both products there actually is perfume, so if you’re allergic to perfume I
DSC_1308_2.JPGwould skip these products and look for a more allergy-friendly product.

Color, consistency and scent

When looking at color and consistency, the first thing that caught my eye is the fact that the Hema toner is blue, whereas the Yves Rocher one has no colour at all. I don’t know exactly why the Hema toner is blue, it just is. Regarding the consistency, the Yves Rocher one has a more gel-like texture, whereas the other one is just really watery.

Last thing to say before we move to the effectiveness of both products is that they have a similar scent. However, there is a lot more perfume in the Hema toner and you can actually smell it.

The ultimate test

To put them to the ultimate test and see which one works better, I put some makeup on, and removed it at the end of the day with micellar water. After this, I used the Hema toner on one side of my face and the YR one on the other side. This way I made sure I actually have a nice comparison-base, since I had had the same makeup on and removed to test their effectiveness. I found that overall the YR one seems to pick up way more product and much easier than the Hema toner. Because of this I also felt like I had to go over the same spot different times with the Hema one, whereas this wasn’t the case for the Yves Rocher one.

Overall, I would definitely say my preference goes to the Yves Rocher one, since it is scored the best on all aspects.

What is the best cleansing toner you have?



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