Wardrobe Wednesday

Time for quick look at my most precious purse, before I head back to studying!


I got this purse for my birthday last year and we ordered it online from the Nordstrom site. This is from the brand ‘Deux Lux’ and retailed (retails?) at about 95$ so it is definitely the priciest thing in my closet except from shoes.

And just look at the design on the inside, I love it!


I do have to say I haven’t used this one at all, because I don’t have many outfits to go with this purse and I honestly forgot about it because it was stacked away nicely in my closet. I will try and incorporate this into future outfit posts, so stay on the lookout.

I’m quite busy with exams for the moment, so if I do miss a day of posting, don’t worry, it’s just a one-time thing 😉 . And if I make any mistakes in my blogpost, please let me know. I don’t have time to proofread right now, so there might be some mistakes in there, plus I’m kind of tired too haha. 


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