May favorites

Another month has passed, which means it is time to look back on the month May and see which products I have loved most. I do have to say there is not a lot of makeup in this month’s favorites as I have been in the preparation of exams. Anyways, let’s just get started and look at what I have loved most over the past month.


Body Shop’s oils of life sleeping cream 

This is seriously a life saver, calms down the skin and prepares it for a good nice rest. My skin just looks healthier overall since using it, so it is definitely in my top 3 of current favorites. An extensive review of this product can be found here. 

Tangle Teezer

Even though I already bought it several months ago and it has been in one of my monthly favorites posts before, this is still absolutely worth purchasing and I would repurchase it. This has been my go-to comb ever since discovering it. It helps a tremendous amount with trying to get through all the knots in my hair.

Dessange Paris Conditioner

This was in the deautybox I got a few months ago and I was kind of reluctant to try it out, as I swear by my current conditioner by Yes To Carrots. However, when I tried this out I was pleasantly surprised. It is amazing. It makes my hair soft and it works anti-tangle too! I still prefer my current conditioner over this one though, because I just like the coconutty scent of the Yes To Coconut range. But there is nothing wrong with this conditioner!

Lush Daddy-O Shampoo

DSC_1398_1One of the first blogposts I wrote was about haircare and I included the brands of the silver shampoos I use in there. This was one of them. However, I kind of did forget about this and did not use it for a while until I rediscovered this gem and have now been trying to use it up. It smells absolutely lovely and way less chemical than my other silver shampoos.
However, I did get a tiny and slight pinkish streak of pink hair, whereas my others actually make it more grey-ish. But you don’t hear me complaining !

Zoeva Rose Golden palette

I reviewed this palette last week and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is an affordable palette with amazing pigmentation. I do find that some of the colours are actually different on my lid than in the pan, but I personally don’t feel like it is a big problem. The colours in this one are gorgeous.

Unani Il-luminate Cream

This was also one of the hidden treasures in the deautybox I got a while ago and I have been loving it. It has an amazing smell, hydrates your face nicely, doesn’t make it greasy and gives a nice glow. It is quite watery so you do have to be careful or you will get way too much product out at once.

Avène Hydrance optimale 

I had been on the lookout for sunscreens for your face for a while now. ‘Normal’ sunscreen brands and bottles that you find in supermarkets are super greasy and will actually make me break out. So a friend of mine advised this brand and I went searching for it. I found this (light) cream for about 23€, with an spf of 20. There are creams out there with higher factors but they didn’t have it in my pharmacy so I decided to go with this one. There are also two versions of the cream, one is lighter and thus less greasy whereas one is richer in ingredients but tends to be more greasy. Anyways, I’ve been trying it out and it is wonderful. AND it works perfect as a makeup base too, so what else do you wish for?!

Caudalie hancreamDSC_1400_1

This has been working wonders for me. I only bought this a couple of days ago, but man oh man, my hands have been so hydrated and my skin doesn’t crack as easily anymore. I put it on throughout the day whenever I feel that my hands are getting dry and also right before I go to sleep I put some on, because I feel that way it can really get into the skin whereas in the day you’re constantly touching pens, paper, … and I feel like it can ‘wear off’ easily. This also gets into your skin super fast and is not greasy! I do feel like the scent is a bit too strong in my opinion and I prefer something with a more neutral or toned-down scent, but as long as this work I’ll keep using it.

These were my favorites. Which ones were yours this month?


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2 thoughts on “May favorites

    • Saskia says:

      Thank you so much! And yes it doesn’t always make my hair turn pink though, but it is something I did notice so I thought it’d be worth mentioning haha xx

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