If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I went to the pharmacy last week to purchase some Caudalie products since my skin has been acting up due to my higher stress-levels lately. The lady at the pharmacy recommended the grape water for when my skin needs some calming down, the Eau de Beauté for a makeup setting spray or for more hydration than the Grape Water and I also purchased the handcream since my hands are always dry. Even though I’ve only had them for a week
I do want to talk about the Eau de Beauté and the handcream. I haven’t used the grape water enough to write an extensive review about it. Let’s get started!

imageI have been using the handcream every day now. I use it several times a day, especially when I have just washed my dishes or my hands and in the evening before I go to bed I put on a nice amount of handcream so it can really get into the skin overnight. I do have to say I have noticed a tremendous difference ever since I started using this. My hands feDSC_1400_1el so much softer and are more hydrated in general!
The only thing I do not like about this is the scent. It has a floral scent (I think?) but it is a bit overpowering to me. I personally prefer either a more neutral scent or a less overpowering one. But other than that, this is worth the purchase.

I also bought the Eau de Beauté since the lady told me it would hydrate my skin nicely and could work perfectly as a setting spray for my makeup. Ofcourse I couldn’t not buy it and decided to put it to the test. I don’t know how well it works for setting your makeup as I haven’t worn makeup in a few weeks, but as soon as I have time to do makeup again, I will update you guys. For hydration though, this works amazing. It is super easy to just spray on the product and it will hydrate your face in no time! It does again have a strong scent to it, but it fades away super quick so it’s nothing annoying.

Overall, I am really pleased with these products and would recommend them! Have you tried any of Caudalie’s products yet?


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