Alvityl Vitamins

Long time no see! I actually was super busy with exams these past few days so that’s why I haven’t posted much. But I decided to make it up to you and blog extra this week and next week. No outfit posts though, since I still have two exams next week.

But I thought I’d start this week with a exam-related post this week, namely Alvityl vitamins. These were sent to me a while ago and I had time to use all of them before making a decisions about whether or not I like them. 

These are just normal vitamins, so nothing that will enhance your study-abilities or anything. You can just buy them at the pharmacy and don’t need a doctor’s prescription for these. These will just give you a little more energy and especially during exams that’s the moment when you need energy, since you don’t get lots of sleep and you don’t eat very well. Or well, those things are the case for me. DSC_1435_1.JPG

You are supposed to take 2 of these every morning with some water and they are supposed to have a vanilla taste. I did taste a little bit of vanilla, but since you just swallow them down, the taste doesn’t really matter. I do like that they do not have a super nasty taste in comparison with other vitamins.

So on to the question: do these work? In my opinion, they worked good the first few days but after that they didn’t really do much for me. I usually take other vitamins that actually work better in my opinion, but that might just be me.

I would not buy them again, but it’s not like I wouldn’t recommend them. You can try them out and they might work for you!



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