Product empties

So over the past few months, I have been trying to empty some of my skincare/haircare/bodycare products as well as makeup products. I did not hit any pan on makeup products yet, but I have used up a few other products. Some of these have been in my monthly favorites a few times or have had their own posts, but I will shortly tell you about my experience with all of these. Let’s get started.

DSC_1455_1Inecto coconut body scrub

I have tried a few of inecto’s products (as you can also see in these empties) and I really love all of them. It’s no different for this body scrub. Even though I did not really like the scent, this one is not really coconutty in my opinion, it really does its job. It is not too harsh on the skin and really gets of those dead body cells. The only disadvantage is the amount of product in this tube. I could only do a full body scrub about 3-4 times, so you’d have to repurchase this often.

Inecto pure argan handcreamDSC_1454_1

This is already the third tube I think that I have used up of this handcream. This is seriously one of my more favorite handcreams. It is not greasy at all, does a really nice job of hydrating your skin, has a nice scent to it and 1 tube can last you for several months. So, this one is definitely a must try if you haven’t already.

H&M micellar water

I purchased this one way before I was even thinking of blogging. As soon as I did learn more about skincare and makeup and all that, I realized that not all micellar waters or skincare products are created equal. This is when I also realized (since I had tested other micellar waters in the meantime) that this one was not for me. It is way too scented, it irritated my skin like no other. I feel like there was a lot of perfume in there as well. It alsoDSC_1447_1 didn’t do its job very well, as I had to go over my makeup several times to remove everything left. In short, I will not be repurchasing this one.

H&M eye makeup remover pads

The same story as with the micellar water. Way too scented, didn’t do its job well. I had to use 5-6 of these pads every time I had to remove my makeup,and since there are only 60 in here, you would have to repurchase this every 10 makeup days. Also, I feel like there was way too much product on these pads and if you squeezed the pad, the product actually dripped out. I’m not even kidding, I accidentally got the product in my eye like that once and it burned like hell. I did not finish this product and do not have any intention to do so either. So this one is also a no-go for me.

Shimmer lights silver shampoo

I bought this one for the first time last year when I was in the US, and it has been my favorite silver shampoo ever since. It does a nice job getting the yellow tones out of your hair, it doesn’t smell overly chemical. Even if you leave it in for just a minute, it will
already brighten up your white and it will easily give you a greyish toneDSC_1444_1 too if you leave it in longer. Definitely, a thumbs up for this one.

Inecto pure coconut conditioner

I’ve raved about this one several times now. The inecto pure coconut line is one of my favorites for shampoo & conditioner. They really do a great job of hydrating your hair. Furthermore, the conditioner does not make your hair get greasy faster than when you wouldn’t have used any conditioner, it makes your hair soft, it smells really nice. No nasties in this product. Definitely would repurchase.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think about them?


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