Lush: Cup o’ coffee

You may remember about my Lush bathbomb haul a couple of weeks/months ago, but I did forget to mention at the time they also gave me a sample size of the face mask/scrub Cup o’ Coffee. I honestly forgot I had it, until I found it again about a month ago, so I decided to put it to the test and see if I liked it, if it worked for my skin, etc. If you want to know what my experience was with this product, be sure to keep on reading

The first thing that really surprised me, is that I have gotten around 5 uses out of it, which I honestly did not expect. I felt like it would only last me two times or something, but obviously it didn’t and I was able to use it several times. I used it approximately once a week.

I like to use this mask right before I take a shower. I put it on a damp face, then leave it on for a couple of minutes to dry. Before I rinse it off, I make my hands wet and slightly scrub my face, so the mask can work its full effect.


When it comes to the mask itself, I have mixed feelings about it. There were times when I felt it was too harsh on my skin and then there were other times where it was a welcome addition into my skincare routine for that day. I have noticed that it wasn’t working for me when my face was really sensitive and breaking out due to stress, but after the stress has gone and my skin recovered, it did do a nice job and cleaned my face thoroughly.

In regards to the mask and ingredients I can only praise it, since most of the ingredients are from natural origin, the mask is freshly made and it is vegan, so there’s pretty much nothing in there that can do any harm to your skin, unless you are ofcourse allergic to any of these.

So, I would repurchase this and I am curious to try any of their other face masks. Have you tried any of their facemasks?



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