How I do my eyebrows: tutorial

I recently have been playing around a lot with makeup and one thing I really noticed is that eyebrows can really finish your look. I usually have no visible eyebrows, so if there is one thing I always do it is my eyebrows. So I thought I’d make a blogpost on how I do my eyebrows and share it with you guys. I am in no way a professional makeup artist and I do still struggle from time to time, but I do hope you guys enjoy this blogpost!

Starting point:DSC_4301_2

Step 1. Comb through your brows 

As you can see, my eyebrows are barely visible I mean, because they have such a light blonde colour. So I get started by combing through them. To me this is the most important step. This actually gives me a better idea of the shape I need to follow with my brow pencil and it actually helps me to not overline them dramatically, since you would notice it really hard in my case.

Step 2. Do the tail DSC_4303_1

I like to start with the tail of my eyebrows. I use the nose to outer eye corner rule to see where my brow is supposed to end and the nose to pupil to see where the ‘curve’ is supposed to be (as pictured). I start with the tail, because I simply just find it easier to do my brows starting there.

Step 3. Line the rest of your eyebrows

Before I start filling in my eyebrows, I like to line them completely. That way I aDSC_4304_1m able to create a nicely shaped eyebrow. I do line the bottom all the way to the beginning of my brow, but the upper part however, I only do until it is slightly in line with my iris to avoid brows that are too angular.

Step 4. ‘Create’ hairs in the beginning of your brow

I like to use my L’Oréal Brow stylist definer pencil to do this. I start ‘creating’ hairs in the beginning of my brow by drawing small upward ‘lines’ with the pencil. I do this until I reach the part where both the upper and lower side of my eyebrows are lined. (I actually forgot to take a picture of this, so I’m hoping you guys can understand what I mean)

Step 5. Fill in the rest of your eyebrows

I then start to fill in the rest of my eyebrows. I first do it with the L’Oréal brow stylistDSC_4309_1 definer, again using small strokes, but in the direction of the hairs. So the more you get to the tail, the more vertical they will be. I then use my Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil to fill in any gaps, and just lightly go over my eyebrow.

Step 6. ‘Set’ your brow with a brow pomade

As a last step, I use my Milani Stay put brow to set my eyebrows. I have noticed that this brow pomade really makes my eyebrows last longer, no matter if I accidentally touch them throughout the day or not. I only used a smallest amount of product, to avoid that my eyebrows start looking cakey and went over my brows with it.

Step 7. Highlight

This is the last step I do in my eyebrow routine. If I am doing a full face, this step usually DSC_4311_1happens when I have done all my makeup and am applying highlight. I use my Zoeva fanbrush and Freedom Pro highlight to really highlight my eyebrows, and make my look finished.

One more tip, which I myself picked up from youtube is to pluck your eyebrows when you have completely drawn on your eyebrow. That way you avoid overplucking and it is easier to see which ones should actually be plucked because they are ‘out’ of the brow.

Before and after :


I want to end this post by saying that Into The Gloss inspired me to write this article, and they also have some tips on how to fill in your eyebrows, so be sure to check them out.

What did you think of this post? What can be done better in your opinion? 🙂 Please let me know your thoughts,


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