Urban Decay Naked Skin color correcting fluid

Hi guys! I have been on the search for a good concealer or color correcting palette that could effectively hide or mask my dark circles, since I have them all the time, no matter how much sleep I got the night before. I had checked Sephora and Ulta online multiple times, read some reviews and decided to opt for the Urban Decay Naked Skin color correcting fluid in the color peach.DSC_4464_2.JPG

I opted for this color correcting product because in my eyes the other ones were not only more expensive but there seemed to be a lot of people who didn’t like any of the other products I checked out and I did not want to spend 40$ on a concealer I would not use. This UD concealer retails for 28$. I also did not want to go for a color correcting palette, because I feel like I only need to cover my dark under eye circles, so having a full palette with the whole color correcting spectrum did not seem attractive to me as I would not or barely use any of the other colors in there.

Now, let’s get on to the review, shall we?


The concealer has a flat and long doefoot applicator, which I absolutely love. This way you are able to precisely get the amount of product you want on the spots you want to cover and you can work very precise.




I would say it is medium coverage. I find that it does not hide my under eye circles completely, so I also like to add either foundation on top or some extra concealer in a shade that is similar to or lighter than my skintone. What I really do like about this concealer though, is that it covers your imperfections, but won’t leave a colored spot behind, so your under eye area does not like peachy or pink after putting this on. This also means that you can wear it alone, without any concealer or foundation on top if you want to.


I was actually pleasantly surprised that this concealer does not crease easily with me. However, if you’re not sure if it will crease, make sure to bake it after you have put it on. I do bake my concealer when I put another concealer or foundation on top of it as then it will actually start to crease.


It is long wearing. I wore it a few hours a couple of days ago and my under eye circles did not peak through after a couple of hours and it still looked nicely done.

Before and after:


You may notice that it does not completely cover my under eye area, but it is definitely a significant improvement in comparison with the before picture.

Would I buy this again? Hell yes. I love it. Would I recommend this? Also yes! If you are searching for something that will cover up your undereye circles, give this product a try.

Have you guys tried the UD Naked Skin color correcting fluid? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know!



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