Skyn Iceland skincare

This brand had been on my radar for a long time already, but honestly I felt like it was a bit pricey for me. However, I really wanted to test them out, so I decided to opt for a kit, which was a bit cheaper and this way I’d have different products to try out. I went ahead and order the ‘Saving Face’ kit as I felt my skin could really use the products in this set. I do have to mention that I have not tested out the eye gels yet, and also have not extensively tried out the moisturizer. However, for a review on the other three products, keep reading!

Something I really liked when it arrived was that it was packed in a little plastic pouch neatly and all together. Even though this is more polluting, I really like it as it does feel more like a kit and less like you splurged on individual products!

Something I also really like is that you get 2 of their Hydro cool firming eye gels in there, as well as a small version of the ANTIDOTE cooling lotion, a small size of the Glacial Face Wash, a full size Icelandic Relief eye pen and a full size Nordic Skin Peel. So for 50$, you’re actually having quite a nice deal, as buying only the eye pen and the skin peel would already cost you 65$. Now let’s get onto the products, shall we?

Glacial face washDSC_1751-1_1

I have to say, this one surprised me a lot. I was expecting it to be another one of the face washes I could add to my list of ‘dries out my face’. However, this is the first one that I used that does not dry out my face at all! It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft and ever since I started using it I noticed a significant difference in my skin. This does not break out my face, does not make it greasy and does not dry it out, so I will be repurchasing a full size of this product soon!

Nordic skin peel

This is the first product I ever bought that works exfoliating and I was scared to use it at first. The scent is quite overwhelming whenever you open the pot. It does not smell like perfume, but more like a really fresh scent. There are 60 pads in this product and you take one whenever you feel like exfoliating and slide it over your face like you would do when removing your makeup (except now you avoid the eye area ofcourse). The first time I used this, I was actually surprised to feel a slighty stinging feeling, but I was told it was normal, so I DSC_1748-1_1continued using it. I do have to say the first few times I used this, I always left a day or so in between as exfoliating for the first time can be quite harsh on the skin!

Ever since I started using this, the amount of small impurities on my face has really lessened and my skin just looks better overall. This is also a product that I would repurchase.

Icelandic relief eye pen

This was the one thing I was really most excited about. I hadn’t really tested out many eyecreams yet, but so many people reviewed this eye cream particularly positive so I couldn’t wait to try it out.DSC_1753-1_1

I do have to say I don’t feel like it is doing heaps of difference to my undereye area, but I
have noticed slight improvement in my dark under eye circles. Ofcourse, if you have been following me for a while now, you know that I really struggle with super dark under eye circles because my skin is so thin that it pretty much causes my under eye area to be super dark all the time, no matter how rested I am. Other than that, I am not too sure the eye cream does much for me, but I also haven’t been using it for a long time so I will continue to use it further and I will update you guys when it is empty.DSC_1758-1_1.jpg

A last thing I want to mention about this eye pen, is that the tip on this product is not really handy in my opinion. It seems like they shaped the pen so you can dab it on your undereye area easily, but it is a rubbery tip and I personally prefer dabbing it on my skin with my fingers, as this just feels nicer and I feel like I can spread out the product more evenly.

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying out Skyn Iceland, as I am pleasantly surprised by their products. I myself will continue to purchase and try out their products in the future.

Have you tried out any of their products? What did you think?


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