Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkits: Sweets and Moonchild

Ever since I saw so many youtubers raving about the Anastasia Beverly Hills glowkits, I just knew I had to have them. However, I felt like both Sunkissed and That Glow were not really my cup of tea. The shades were too dark or just not my type of highlighters. I did really like Gleam though, but it always seemed to be sold out everywhere. So when I saw that they were going to launch two new glowkits – Sweets and Moonchild-, I was excited! So today I have some swatches and first impressions for you!



I was 100% sure that I wantedDSC_1727-1 this glowkit, because I mean, those colours (and their names)! I was especially in love with Marshmallow, Sassy Grape and Butterscotch, so I decided to just get it.

The packaging is gorgeous. It is a pink box, with heaps of glitter, super super pretty!

Marshmallow had gotten a little loose on the edges, so I had to press it a little bit to make sure it wouldn’t fall out (don’t want that to happen), but the other ones were perfect!

Marshmallow – This is a slight yellowish white highlighter! It looks really yellow in the pan, but when swatching it is yellow toned golden highlighter, absolutely gorgeous!

Sassy grape – This is a pink highlighter, with some blue glitter in there as well. This would even make a super pretty eyeshadow colour!

Butterscotch – I honestly wasn’t too sure about this one at first, because in the pan it just looks like heaps of glitter pressed together. However, when swatched this is a gorgeous warm toned bronzed golden highlighter. I think this would look gorgeous on more tanned skin! I also like to use this one in the corners of my eyes, as this one has the most glitter in the product of all four!

Taffy – In the pan this one does look like a quite dark rose golden highlighter, but this swatches beautifully. It is the most gorgeous rose golden tone ever and again would be perfect for on the eyelids!

Swatches from l-r : Taffy, Butterscotch, Sassy grape, Marshmallow – the colours look way better in real life, but it’s hard to get them nicely on picture!



I honestly wasn’t too sure about the colours as soon as I saw this palette. Sure, the colours are gorgeous, but I was scared to see how they would be as highlighters. But, I decided to wing it and buy it anyways and I have not regretted that decision once. At first the colours might scare you off, especially the blue, grey and purple ones, but honestly once you’ve tried them, you won’t doubt them anymore. They do not go onto the skin as bright purple or anything, they just add a really nice glow to it. I feel like this one would also work perfectly for when you’re doing mermaid makeup or just colourful makeup in general!

DSC_1726-1For moonchild also, the packaging is A+. It is a baby blue ombré packaging, with a holographic shine to it, gorgeous!

Blue ice – 
This one is a really cool toned silver highlighter, with some blue glitter in there.

Star – This is a very pigmented grey colour. I think this one would be nice in the corners of your eyes too.

Purple horseshoe – this is a nice purple highlighter, with some white glitters in there. I think this would be perfect for a mermaid-y look, as eyeshadow colour or just to spice up your everyday look ;).

Pink heart – This one is one of my absolute favorites in this palette. When you see it in the pan, it looks more peachy than it looks pink, but when you swatch it, it is the most gorgeous pink colour. I can see myself wearing this one everyday.

Lucky clover – This one is my least favorite one, as it is a quite greenish yellow colour. I don’t see myself wearing this one often, but it would be fun to make a more holographic look with this one and Purple horseshoe.

Blue moon – The last one in the Moonchild palette, is a cool toned, blue-ish silver colour. In my eyes, this looks a lot like the colour ‘Star’ but just a tad more blue in there. This is a colour I could see myself wearing everyday.

Swatches from l-r: Blue ice, Star, Purple horseshoe, Pink heart, Lucky clover, Blue moon


As I haven’t had a lot of time to play around with them yet, all I am going to say is that I love the packaging of both! Except 1 or 2 colours, I think these palettes will definitely be used a lot in my daily routine. They are super pigmented. Everything is great about this so far!

I did one look with a few colours of both palettes combined, which looked like this:

DSC_1588-3_1.jpgIf this isn’t the most gorgeous glow, I don’t know what is!

Have you gotten the new glowkits yet? What do you think about them?


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