Back 2 school essentials

Hello there! For today’s post I decided to do something a little bit different than usual and show you what I think are some essentials for the start of the new schoolyear! I do not carry all these things with me in my backpack, but I do have all these things at my dorm for when I need them, so let’s get started!

Sticky notes – I use them to write things down I still need to do that day, I write my groceries on there, I also stick them in my textbooks with extra info when I don’t understand something or want to elaborate on something. I go through these like it’s nothing. I bought these cute notes to-go at Target – I went to look for a link, but it seems like it’s not on the site anymore, sorry guys!

DSC_0019-1Index cards – I use these to make flashcards, as I find it is a more effective way of studying for me.

Pens – As far as pens can be holy grail, these are definitely mine. I’ve used them for the last two years now. They write so smooth and just lay very nicely in your hand.

Highlighters – Sharpie came up with these new highlighters that are see-through so ofcourse I had to go and buy them. This is supposed to help you see where the end of the word is, so you stop highlighting on time. Sounds nice, right?

Pencil case – Ofcourse with all those pens, highlighters and what else, a cute pencil case is in order. I found this one with foxes in a small store in Antwerp and I love it.

Notebooks – Even though I don’t use notebooksvery often, I do find I like to have them on hand. I use these for exercises for example, or to write down extra info on a subject. And these were so cute that I just could not walk away without
them. The left two ones, are large sizes that I bought at Target, the right two ones are smaller and were bought at Walmart. (I bought the pancake one last year already).





Dry shampoo – I don’t use dry shampoo very often, but it comes in very handy when you’re late for class, or just don’t have enough time to shower before you go somewhere. I love this Amika little one, as it can easily be used for travel and it does not take up space in your handbag.

Handcream – I’ve probably said it a thousand times before, but handcream is something I always have on hand, so it’s not surprising to say I have like at least 5 different tubes. This particular one was bought at Bath & Body Works.

Perfume – I like to wear perfume, so that is something that I always
have at my dorm. Pour femme from Dolce & Gabbana was my first ever high-end perfume and I still love it.

Makeup – Makeup-wise I usually don’t go out wearing a full face of it. However, some things I really like to do to freshen up my appearance is put on some mascara (Benefit’s Roller Lash) and do my eyebrows (I am currently switching between the new Benefit brow products and Milani’s brow pomade). You can top up this easy look with some nude lipsticks too. I chose three of my favorites: Colourpop’s clueless, Maybelline’s Touch of Spice (660) and Kiko’s 102.


From L-R: Maybelline 660, Kiko 102 and Colourpop Clueless

What are some of your school essentials?


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