Maybelline’s Color sensational the loaded bolds lipsticks

Hey guys! I feel like it’s been a while since I did a post about lipsticks, so I thought I’d go ahead and do one. Today is all about Maybelline’s color sensational range, especially the loaded bolds lipsticks. As I already owned a Maybelline lipstick which I absolutely loved, I decided to pick up two colours from this new range, Mauve it and Berry bossy. DSC_1846-1_1

Lipstick cases

The first thing you notice is that the colour of the lipstick cases are different compared to their usual range. Whereas the other Maybelline lipsticks come in a brownish purple case, this one has a bright blue case, which I absolutely adore. Other than the different colors, the shape and size are the same as usual.


Now, before we talk into depth about these lipsticks, let’s first look at some swatches. The upper one is Mauve it, the bottom one is Berry Bossy. As you can see, Mauve it has a strongDSC_1852-1 brown undertone, making it less nude pink than you would think. I personally expected it to be more like my ‘660 Touch of Spice’ color, but it definitely dries to a more brown color.

Berry Bossy is quite bright and is a dark purplish pink. As you can see it does not swatch completely opaque and has some streaks here and there.


I feel like the formula is different than usual. These lipsticks are definitely way more drying than my ‘660 Touch of Spice’. They dry out my lips within minutes, and I usually do not have a lot of problem with that…

Furthemore, they also don’t glide on as easily, pulling your lips in the process, so it’s quite the challenge getting it on nicely. They are also not smearproof or eatproof.

The formula of Berry Bossy is even worse than Mauve it. I had this one on a couple of weeks ago, and in the begin it was this bright beautiful pink, but then after a couple of minutes there was such a huge color difference between where my lips touched and the rest of my lips as you can see on the (really weird, sorry) picture below. I tried re-applying it and it made it even patchier.


Overall rating 

I did not like either of these colors. I don’t have as much of a problem with the mauve color as I have with the berry bossy. So I would rate Mauve it a 3/5 and Berry Bossy a 1/5. I honestly don’t want to give them such bad ratings, but this quality is honestly so bad compared to my other Maybelline lipstick.

Have you tried any of these loaded bolds lipsticks yet? What did you think of them?


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