Soap & Glory: Sugar crush body scrub

As a good body scrub every now and then is an important part of my bodycare routine, and mine was used up right before my holidays, I decided to go on the search for a nice bodyscrub. I had been dying to try out Soap & Glory because I’ve heard so many people rave about it already, and let’s be honest, how cute is their packaging?! So when I was in Ulta, I decided to pick up their Sugar Crush body scrub, and I was lucky because it was the last one they had on display!

I think it’d be easiest if I just reviewed part by part, so let’s get started!


Ofcourse as you would guess, this sugar scrub smells so much like sugar. However, in my
opinion, I would like it a little more toned down and using the oils for a less sugary, but richer scent. It is too sweet in my opinion. Whenever I use this, it smells like I cleaned my whole bathroom with pure sugar, and it stays for a while too. So, scent-wise I am not too fond of this product (but then again, if you love really sweet scents, go ahead you’ll love this one!)



This scrub is also not my favorite formula wise. It is a quite thick formula, that doesn’t really ‘spread’ well, so I feel like you always have to use a lot of product on a small spot because of those reasons. This will also cause you to go through the product much quicker, giving you less value for your money (in my opinion, that is).

Another kind of downside of the formula is that I feel like the sugar molecules are quite big, compared to other body scrubs. I personally prefer smaller ‘particles’ and I feel like if they would make the sugar molecules smaller (or use different sugar), that it would be more ‘spreadable’. Ofcourse with a sugar scrub, you are always going to have bigger scrubbing pDSC_4488-1_1articles than with a ‘normal’ scrub, but I am just not too fond of this, so it might just be the fact that it is a sugar scrub.

I do like that they used a lot of natural products, such as brown sugar, lime oil, castor oil, … . Also, they are cruelty-free and a number of products are suitable for vegetarians (and I think vegans too), so yay!


I do feel like it does what it is supposed to do, remove dead skin cells and nourish your body (with all the oils in there – lime, almond and castor). But again, as I mentioned above, the sugar molecules are a bit big and I think it takes away a bit of the efficiency of the scrub.

Overall impression

I am not too fond of this scrub. It does its job, it smells okay most of the time. However, I don’t think I will be repurchasing this, but like I mentioned before it might just be the fact that it is a sugar scrub, so if you love sugar scrubs and sweet sweet sweet scents, do try this one out.

Have you tried this scrub yet? What did you think?



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15 thoughts on “Soap & Glory: Sugar crush body scrub

  1. Manon says:

    I own it and I love the scent! Guess I’m into really sweet body products, hah. I do agree that it’s quite difficult to spread out – and at the same time it doesn’t adhere to my skin that well and I lose whole blobs which just fall off and wash straight down the drain, if that makes sense. Probably wouldn’t buy it again either, but I’ll enjoy using it for as long as it lasts.

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