Winky lux Rainbow eyebrow palette

Hello everyone! I have something super exciting to review today for you guys. I recently purchased the Winky Lux Rainbow eyebrow palette, as I didn’t have any ‘fun’ colors yet and it’d be something different than usual. I made a quick eyebrow AND eye makeup look for you guys and have a short review of this product, so keep on reading!

The palette itself contains 4 different colors, one pan of wax and a brush. I personally was not a fan of the brush, because I feel like the bristles are too long for me to comfortably work with. I think the wax is supposed to help you get your eyebrows in ‘shape’ before you actually start working with the colors, so that is what I did.


As far as packaging goes, I have no complaints. The box that it came in is gorgeous, and the actual palette itself has a simple design, yet it looks very elegant and expensive.


I feel like for the price of the DSC_0156-1palette, the shadows should be a little more pigmented. I also thought the wax would maybe bring out the colors more, but that also didn’t happen. So, even though those are lovely colors, for them to have the desired brightness on your eyebrows or eyes, you have to go over them several times. They are also not super blendable, they get the job done, but I definitely have eyeshadows that perform better.



For my eyebrows, I used only the blue, bright pink and yellow and the wax as a base. To get all the colors so bright, I had to go over them several times.


For the eyelook, I used all colors of the palette, the blue just the slightest bit in the outer V, but I also topped my look off with some mascara (Benefit’s Roller Lash) and a glitter liner from NYX.

Note- I do realise that on the photo on the right it looks like it isn’t blended, but my camera apparently won’t pick up the edges very well, as in real life it IS blended and the pink actually is even higher than pictured. So, I added another picture from a slightly different angle to help you see better what the eyeshadow is like.


Overall impression

I like the palette, but I honestly do not think it is worth the higher price. I was kind of disappointed by the quality of the palette, as the colors were not as pigmented as I had hoped them to be, and I found them a bit hard to work with, having to go over some spots over and over again to make them brighter or to make them more visible. I also noticed a lot of the shadows actually sticked to my brush and did not transfer to my lids/eyebrows, so you have to constantly dip your brush in the pan again to get some product on your skin.

Even though I did not love this product, I am curious to try out their lipsticks and other eyeshadow palettes.

Have you tried any Winky Lux products yet? If so, what did you think about them? Let me know in the comments.


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