Dose of colors Eyescream palette

Hey guys, another super exciting post today! Dose of colors launched their limited edition Eyescream palette about two weeks ago and I immediately got it, because I didn’t want to miss out on their LE palettes again like I did last time (STILL regretting not getting that palette). Anyways, it arrived a couple of days ago, so I have a short review and a look for you today!


DSC_0086-1The box it came in was so gorgeous I decided to keep it. On top of that, it was very nicely packaged as well, wrapped in paper with an ice cream cone sticker to top it off.

The palette itself is also ab-so-lut-ely gorgeous, staying in the ice cream theme (or should I say eyescream ? 😉 )



So 10/10 for packaging.

Colors + swatches

The palette contains 10 shades in total, 5 shimmers and 5 matte colors. The names are all ice cream themed of course and look at how cute they are – swatches are down below:

Berries n’ cream – This is a very nude pinkish color, perfect for my light skintone as a base color, but could work as a base/lid color on darker skintones as well.

 Mint chip – This shade is absolutely gorgeous. As the name already says, it is a mint colored shimmer shade. Would work in the inner corners for a pop of color, as a shade for on your lower lash line for a little bit more drama/color in your look or just on the lid.

Sherbert – A gorgeous bronze shimmer shade.

Cone – A light brown shade. Could work with both Sherbert and Hot Fudge for a smokey eye, could work on its own as a single shade, works in the crease for a subtle cut crease, or as a transition color.

Hot Fudge – A dark brown shade.

Banana split – The pretties yellowish golden shimmer shade. I used this one in the inner corner for my eyelook, but I cannot wait to see how it looks on the lid, especially when teamed with Cone and Hot Fudge.

Blueberry swirl – A pinkish purple shade. Very gorgeous, very berry.

Bubblegum – A bright pink shimmer shade, would look gorgeous in the inner corner as well.

Lavender honey – Exactly what it says it is. A lavender color. I used it as a base for my lid and then topped it off with Bubblegum.

Double scoop – The last shimmer shade in the palette. It is a medium brown, in between Cone and Hot Fudge, but shimmery.

The top row swatches didn’t come out as well as the bottom row swatches because the Mint Chip shade seemed to take away all attention & light from the other ones! All shades are very pigmented and very blendable, not powdery at all. However, the shimmer shades do tend to have some fallout, as there was actually a lot of glitter on my face after doing my look.


Top row from l-r: Berries n’ Cream – Mint Chip – Sherbert – Cone – Hot Fudge


Bottom row from l-r: Banana split – Blueberry swirl – Bubblegum – Lavender honey – Double scoop


For today’s eyelook I first used Berries n’ Cream as a base, then used Cone as a transition shade. I added some Lavender honey on my lid and used Blueberry swirl in my crease just lightly. I put some Bubblegum on top of the Lavender honey, some Banana split in the inner corner of my eyes and topped of my look with some Mint Chip underneath the eyes!


Overall impression

I am quite happy with this palette, the colors are gorgeous, the packaging is gorgeous. The shades themselves are pigmented, very blendable, buttery & smooth. Only the shimmer shades have quite a bit of fallout, so it’s better to do your eye makeup before putting on any foundation. Overall, I would rate this palette and 8/10.

Have you tried any Dose of Color products? If so, what did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below!


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