Makeup tips & tricks

Since the start of my blog a couple of months ago, I have been constantly learning about makeup and I actually have learnt quite a lot already. As I feel like these could be some useful tips for some of you, I decided to sum them up right here. So keep reading if you want to find out which tips & tricks I’ve got for you.

Line your lips with a lip pencil before applying lipstick

dsc_0440-1_1Ever have had that moment where your lipstick is all bleeding and it looks really bad? Lining your lips with a lip pencil before applying your lipstick will do the trick. You can use
any color lip liner underneath, or just a wax colorless lip liner, like the one from W7 that I’ve got.

Take your liquid lipsticks of with oil

We’ve all been there. You buy your first liquid lipstick, and are all excited about applying it that you don’t think about how to get it off. And there you are, scrubbing your lips open trying to get it off. Well, scrub no more! Apply some cotton oil on a tissue, rub it over your lips, and voila, gone is the liquid lipstick! Or if you have oil-based makeup remover, that
should also do the trick.

Wet your eyeshadow to make the color pop


Same eyeshadow, but left was applied dry and right I spritzed some water on my brush after picking up the shadow

Apply some eyeshadow to your brush, spritz it with some water (or fix+) and pop it on your
lid to make the color pop even more. This trick works especially well for shimmery shadows, as the shimmer really comes through better when applying it wet.

Pluck your eyebrows AFTER lining them

I discovered this trick in a youtube video a while ago, and it actually is probably the best one I’ve discovered. If you pluck your eyebrows before you line them, you might pluck too much and your eyebrow might be super thin. If you draw them on first, you can see which hairs to pluck to make it exactly the shape you want them to be.

I also mentioned this tip in my eyebrow tutorial.

Blend your bronzer into your neck

If you use bronzer, chances are the outlines of your face will be more ‘tanned’ than your neck. This will look really funny if you don’t blend it slightly to your neck as it may seem like you picked a too dark foundation. So blend it down slightly into your neck to make everything match in color.

Wash your brushes frequently

dsc_0450-1_1If you use your brushes often (and even if you don’t), it is important to also clean them thoroughly from time to time as bacteria will gather in the brushes and can make you break out, or even transfer infections. I personally wash mine thoroughly every two weeks using baby shampoo and my Real Techniques brush cleansing palette, and use a brush cleanser for a quick clean in between uses.

Remove your makeup every night and cleanse your face

The last, but most important tip I’ve got for you is to never sleep with makeup on. I try to avoid sleeping with makeup on, but it does happen every now and then, and it always breaks me out. Your skin needs to be able to breath after a day of wearing makeup, so you’ll have to take it off and then use a cleanser to get the last bit of makeup out of your pores. Using only makeup remover won’t always do the trick, so be sure to also cleanse your face afterwards.

These were the most important tips & tricks I’ve learnt so far. Do you have any other helpful things to add? Let me know in the comment section.



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