Top 5 fall lipsticks

With fall upon us, I decided it was time to search for some fall colors in my lipstick collection. I personally find dark vampy reds or dark berry colors very suiting for fall. However, I do not own that many dark lipsticks, so I decided to show you a few of my darker shades which will still look pretty in fall. Keep in mind, you can still wear bright shades or nudes if you want to, no obligations here! Anyways, keep reading to find my top 5 lip colors for fall.

Mina by Ofra Cosmetics 


Fetish by LimeCrime


This color would also work very well in winter


Miami Fever by Ofra Cosmetics


As this is a quite burnt orange, this would work nice in fall too, even though it’s not a berry shade.

Fantasy by LaSplash


This is a more neutral shade, but I honestly love this color so much.

Beet it by LimeCrime


These were my top 5 fall lip colors. Which lipstick will be your favorite to wear this fall? Let me know in the comments!


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