How I clean my brushes

Hey guys! Something makeup related today, but no makeup looks or makeup reviews. Today I will tell you how I like to clean my brushes. I decided to write this post, because tonight that is what I am doing, cleaning my brushes and I thought it might come in handy for those of you who are new to this whole makeup thing! (or you know, if you need some tips, I got ya 😉 )

Before we get started, let me just say that I clean my brushes weekly or every two weeks, depending on how much I have used them. It is essential to give them a deep clean every couple of weeks as bacteria can accumulate onto your brushes. So be sure to give your brushes a good clean every now and then!

dsc_0696-1_1I like to use my Real Techniques brush palette to clean my brushes. It is way faster than cleaning them all by hand, and cleans them more thoroughly. You don’t have to buy this one though, there are dozens of other options to choose from, from brush eggs to brush gloves.

I also use baby shampoo to clean out my brushes. This is not harmful for the bristles and will leave them feeling super soft.*

* I have heard you can also use regular shampoo and then use conditioner afterwards to leave them feeling soft. I haven’t tried this yet and honestly it seems like too much work for me. But if it works for you/you like to do it, by all means go ahead!

I then put a little dot of shampoo onto my brush palette, dip my brushes in water and start swirling them around on the palette. Depending on the size of the brush I use either only the surface with the smallest dots or 2 or all three surfaces. If they are not clean immediately, I will repeat this step until they are completely clean and the shampoo keeps its white color when swirling the brush in it.


As you can see they definitely need a good cleanse.

I then let them dry overnight on a kitchen towel.

Note- in between deep cleanses I like to just clean them quickly with some brush cleanser. I think you can find these things everywhere nowadays. It makes them reusable again, doesn’t take forever to dry and is a quick solution. However, it is not a good option for cleaning all the time!

Voila, super easy and super quick, what more could you want? How do you clean your brushes? Let me know in the comments!


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