October challenge

Hello guys! Something a little bit different today. I have been toying with a certain idea of challenging myself to something for a whole month (or a certain amount of days), not only to see if it would make a difference but just overall to challenge myself. Since I’m back at uni now and everything is back to normal, I decided to do an October challenge. If you want to find out more, keep reading!

For this month’s challenge, I actually went to get back into a fitness regime. I have had a love-hate relationship with the gym and sports in general for the past couple of years, where I had periods where I did sports like 5-6 days a week and then there’s been periods where I didn’t do sports for weeks.

Since I recently been in a no-sports phase, and gained a bit of weight, I want to challenge myself to do sports everyday of the week. This is partially to lose some weight, but partially also to get back into the habit of doing sports. I will not post a before picture right now, but I will do so after my challenge to see if anything has changed or not.

As I don’t want to bother you guys everyday with pictures or posts, I will keep my Saturday evenings to posting what I did the past week, broken down into my days. I will keep track of this in a journal.

I personally think it will be very hard, especially the first few days, but I am also really excited to start working on my physique again because I want to be the best me.

Have you done any challenges like this? If so, is there anything you learnt from them?



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