September favorites

Another month has ended, so it’s time for another monthly favorites post and this time I’ll talk about the products I’ve loved the most during the month of September. There is a bit of everything, from makeup to music. So keep reading to find out which products are in my September favorites list!



Guerlain L’or primer

I have used this a lot the past couple of weeks, mostly because I felt like I needed to test it out more, and also because I had a more high-end foundation that I did not want to pair with cheap primers. Don’t get me wrong, I too like cheap primers, I just feel like they don’t always work as well with high-end products and I did not want my foundation to
shift or move around ;).

Guerlain foundation brush

dsc_1112-1_1I actually saw some people rave about it and since I want to expand my Guerlain collection, I was like well let’s pick it up. I haven’t regretted spending 43€ on this brush, as it works so well. I found my foundation hard to blend but this one does the trick. The bristles are soft, it blends your foundation like no other, it doesn’t leave any brush strokes which you can sometimes have if you use a brush to apply makeup. This was definitely worth the money.

LaSplash liquid lipstick in ‘Fantasy’

It does dry matte

I honestly almost never grab this lipstick for the reason that I just do not like the formula. It dries out my lips within seconds and I just don’t like the formula. However, I recently tried it on again, as I was looking through my stash for a lipstick to go with my makeup and I re-discovered this and color-wise this is SO lovely. I really really like the color.


W7 fix your lips lip pencil

I’ve only recently purchased this, but I already need to sharpen it. I’ve used it so much. It is a colorless wax lip pencil, that hydrates your lips and makes sure your lipstick doesn’t start bleeding during the day. I also don’t want to find lip pencils that match every single one of my lipsticks, so this is an easy alternative.

Hourglass foundation stick in ‘Shell’

dsc_1111-1_1I’ve recently reviewed some of my Hourglass purchases, and I wasn’t 100% in love with this foundation at first. I felt like it was hard to blend, and it just didn’t work. Then I discovered my Guerlain foundation brush and I’ve been wearing the foundation ever since. It actually blends really easy if you have the right tools, it doesn’t dry out your skin, it gives such a natural and nice finish, the coverage is definitely buildable. The only thing that you have to be careful with is that it can stick to your dry patches.

Kat von D tattoo liner in ‘Trooper’

I’ve raved about some Kat von D products dsc_0733-1_1in my Kat von D beauty post, and honestly ever since discovering this eyeliner, my eyeliner game has definitely been stepped up a notch. Doing a winged eyeliner look always took me 2-3 hours to make sure the wings were even, to make sure it didn’t smudge and with this one, it takes me about 2 minutes. It is so easy, so black, does not transfer to my crease at all.

L’Oréal brow styler in ‘Blonde’

dsc_1121-1_1I purchased this while I was in the USA, and I’ve loved it pretty much everyday since then. It gives a very natural look to your eyebrows, is not too dark for me, easy to work with due to the small point of the pencil. I’ve almost used it up now, but I will definitely repurchase.


Marvis whitening mint toothpaste

I purchased this on in July and I have been using it non-stop since August. For me, it is one of the only toothpastes that actually whitens your teeth. Pretty much every toothpaste nowadays claims to whiten your teeth, but for me none of them actually do much. When I started using this one however, I visibly noticed my teeth getting whiter everyday.

Other random stuff

Quay ‘Every little thing’ Sunglasses

If you follow me here or on social media, I am pretty sure you’ve seen them pass by somewhere already. Even though that they are on the more expensive side, these were well worth the money. They do feel much more firm than cheap sunglasses, I feel like they sit better on my face, they just feel nicer overall. These are currently my go-to sunnies for sunny days.

The mortal instruments – City of glass

dsc_1118-1_1I started reading the Mortal Instruments series this summer, and in September I finished the third book in the series, City of glass. From the first three books, this was definitely my favorite. I cannot wait to read the next three books.

Banners – Ghosts

I’ve included this song in one of my other monthly favorites already (I don’t remember exactly which month), but I still love it. Some days I just listen to this song on repeat. (I got to know it through Teen Wolf, yay!)

Extreme Music – Bring me to life

Another song I’ve laid my ears on because of a TV show (Shadowhunters). This version is such a pretty version of Evanescence’ Bring me to Life. It also kind of reminds me (and other people if you read some youtube-comments) of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

Have you used/Do you know any of these products? If so, which ones do you like? Let me know in the comments!



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