Skincare favorites

Hey guys! As skincare has become an important part of my daily life, I thought I’d share some of my favorite products I’ve tried so far. I split all of the products up in three categories: cleansing, hydrating and removing makeup. Also, I do not use all of these at once in one day, but all of these products are used at least once a week. So keep reading to find out which products I enjoy!



Nip + fab glycolic scrub fix – This is one of my favorite scrubs. It is not too harsh on my sensitive skin, but gets the job done. I also really like the scent of it, it smells kind of citrussy, and it has glycolic acid in it, meaning it will exfoliate very deeply and remove old skin cells. I use this once a week or once every two weeks depending on how many face masks I did those weeks.

Skyn Iceland Glacial face wash – I wrote a whole blogpost here dedicated to Skyn Iceland. In short, this does not leave my face feeling dry and does a very good job of cleansing the skin.

Sephora Mud mask purifying and mattifying – I bought this a couple of months ago, and also did an extensive blogpost about this then. I really like this mask, removes all of my impurities, if I have any breakouts they are gone within two days of using this. Whenever I’m going through a period of extremely sensitive skin though, I tend to not use this as it can be quite harsh on your skin. I also would not recommend this for dry skin.



Yes To cucumbers moisturiser – I don’t use this one very often anymore, as I do not find it a suitable day cream for me personally. What I do like to use it for though, is for when I took a shower in the middle of the day or after going to the gym and my face feels dry. I’ll take a pump or two and divide it evenly across my face to get my hydration levels on point again without wasting my day cream!

Elemis hydra-nourish night cream – I got this as a sample with a magazine when I was travelling to the US in June. I actually didn’t really like it then as I felt it was too rich for my skin. However, my skin is a little bit drier now and I feel like it works wonders. A little drop of this can go a long way and it gets into your skin so quickly. I would definitely recommend this if you have drier skin. *

*Also, this was a pretty deluxe sample if you ask me. (15ml or 0.5 US fl. oz) and I’ve done about a month or so with it (I tend to switch night creams every now and then).

Glamglow thirstymud hydrating treatment – This is a mini version I picked up while I was at Sephora, and I hadn’t really used it much, but now that my skin is a little bit drier I tend to put this mask on at least once a week. I sometimes use it as a night cream and leave it on over night as well.

Avène hydrance optimale (light) – This one is probably one of my favorite day creams I’ve tried so far. It is a bit on the pricier side, but it does not leave your skin feeling greasy, gets into your skin fairly quickly and has an spf of 20. Furthermore, it can be used as your base for makeup, so it is not one of those day creams that will cause your foundation to shift.

Caudalie grape water – I am already on my second bottle of this spray. I like to apply it morning and evening right after cleansing and before hydrating, to get some extra hydrating done. I also feel like it helps with my day/night cream to get into my skin easier and faster.

Removing makeup


Micellar water – I like to use micellar water or my makeup eraser to remove my makeup. I feel like these two are not too harsh on my skin, and it does not dry out my skin or leave it feeling greasy. It leaves my face feeling soft and clean.

Yves Rocher lotion tonique perfectrice – I like to use this cleansing toner after removing my makeup with micellar water (or my makeup eraser) to get the last makeup off of my face. It may seem like you’ve removed every last bit with micellar water, but when I use this there will still be makeup coming off my face, and cleansing toners will really remove those last bits!

So, there you have it, my current skincare favorites. Did you see some products that you like too? What are some of your skincare favorites? Let me know in the comments!



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