October Challenge update: week 1

Hey guys! The first week of my October challenge is done and I quickly wanted to tell you what I’ve done each day of the week. I do have to say that by the end of the week, I was really tired and I had a deadline on Friday, hence I didn’t do much sports. However, I still did some yoga so I wouldn’t completely do nothing. But let’s get started and see what I did, shall we?

Saturday 1/10

24 min run/walk outside on the pavement

Sunday 2/10

15 min evening yoga sequence

Monday 3/10

20 min on the bike
Rowed 1 km
15 min of walking (high speed)

Tuesday 4/10

25 min run/walk on the treadmill

Wednesday 5/10

20 min on the bike
Rowed for 10 mins
25 mins on the cross-trainer

Thursday 6/10

15 min evening yoga sequence

Friday 7/10

10 mins of yoga


So, as you can see I didn’t have a super-active week, but I’m positive that it takes some time to build it up again and I know that just doing even a little bit each day will help. I’m curious to see what next week will bring.

Are there any workouts/activities/sports I should try? (Preferably in the gym or alone outdoors) – Let me know!



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2 thoughts on “October Challenge update: week 1

    • Saskia says:

      Yes, that sounds like a very good idea! Definitely let me know when you’re planning on doing something like this. It can be a little bit tricky, but I find that posting about it on my blog actually helps me to go, because I don’t want to seem like a quitter haha. X

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