BE Creative Makeup essential 1 palette

Hey guys! Since I’m rotating all my palettes for my 100 days of makeup challenge on instagram, it’s easy to compare all my makeup palettes, and make up my mind about each and every one of them. So, today I decided to pick my BE Creative makeup palette and put it to the test. Let us take a closer look.

The BE Creative makeup brand is sold at Ici Paris XL and this palette costs 25.95€, so it definitely is not high end but it’s also not drugstore. For this price, you get 8 different shades in the palette.


This palette is mostly shimmer shadows, there are only two completely matte shadows, which are two brown shades (number 3 and number 8). The first white color looks matte but if you look closely there is just a little bit of shimmer in there, not too much so you could definitely still use this as a base color, but it is just not completely matte. 1-2316

I personally would have liked a few more matte shadows, as I use matte shadows as a base and only use shimmers/glitters on my lid.

The shadows also have no name, they are just numbered on the box from 1 to 8. I personally like it when shadows have a name, though for this palette it is indeed not completely necessary as the shadows are all in one row and it is thus easy to use numbers.

The palette also comes with two small brushes as pictured. I like that they are actual brushes and not those sponge applicators that often come with a palette, but they are just too small in my opinion. I’d rather have one larger brush instead of 2 mini ones.

The palette also contains a mirror.

Overall impression of the shadows

When swatching this in the store, I noticed that the shadows have a very buttery feel
and swatch pretty smooth. Also, they not only appear pigmented, but they are also very pigmented and very easy to work with as they blend very well with the other colors. Some shimmer shades do have a little bit of fall out, but nothing too bad.


1-23341 – A cream white base color with some shimmer to it (not very visible on photo)
2 – A golden shimmer shade (not very visible on photo)
3 – A matte light brown shade
4 – A bronzey brown shimmery shade
5 – A medium brown shimmery shade
6 – A rose golden shimmery shade
7 – A redish brown shimmery shade
8 – A dark brown matte shade

Note: the swatches are in reversed order (8-7-…-1) because I’m right handed and didn’t take into account the way they sit in the palette when swatching.


In natural light


In direct sunlight

Eye makeup with the palette


Have you tried any BE creative makeup products? If so, what did you think about them? Let me know!



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12 thoughts on “BE Creative Makeup essential 1 palette

    • Saskia says:

      Indeed! I usually have to use two or three different palettes to create a look, which is not exactly travel-proof friendly either! But I agree with you, this palette is really pretty though! X

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