Ofra Duo & Triple chrome liquid lipsticks

Hey guys! Even though I only got two of the Ofra duo & triple chrome liquid lipsticks in the mail last week, I do want to write a quick post about it since today is the last day you can get them on the Ofra website. After that, they’re gone forever! So, if you’re reading this and you’re like ‘I want to try them out’, now is the time! I myself got Wonderland (duo chrome) and Fantasia (triple chrome)and I will be showing them to you today, so keep reading!


Wonderland is the perfect mermaid-y purplish pink color. It is a light purple with a pink hue to it.

Fantasia is a brownish red color with purple and green in there as well.

These colors are definitely not something I would wear everyday, but they are perfect as lip toppers, or for halloween or carnival looks, or you know, when you want that little something extra ;).


Fantasia – Wonderland


These limited edition duo & triple chrome liquid lipsticks have the same scent as all the other Ofra liquid lippies, namely a very sweet vanilla-y scent, nothing too overpowering and the scent also disappears after applying the lipsticks.


The texture is also the same as the normal Ofra liquid lipsticks, thus a very creamy formula that is slow-drying, and stays put all night but is transfer proof. They also do not dry out your lips.

The duo & triple chrome liquid lipsticks, however, are not completely opaque. You have to go over your lips several times to get the lipstick evenly over your lips. This is not too much of a problem for me though, since I tend to use these more as a lipstick topper, or in combination with a lip pencil.


I swatched both colors 4 times. Once on my hand, once alone, one with a lip pencil and one on top of a liquid lipstick – for products used, put your cursor on the pictures :

Overall impression

I really like these limited edition duo & triple chrome liquid lipsticks. I am glad that they kept their original formula and just adjusted it for the new shades and brought something to the market that is of the same quality as their other liquid lipsticks, and let’s be honest, these colors are gorgeous!

Have you tried any Ofra products yet? If so, what did you like about them? Let me know.



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