Jouer holiday collection: liquid lipstick trio

Hey guys! With the holidays coming up, a lot of brands have been releasing their holiday collections from as early as September on. Even though many of them were super pretty, I didn’t feel like I wanted them enough to spend the money on them. That is, until jouer launched their holiday collection last week… I saw the red liquid lipstick in the long-wear lip crème trio and I was immediately sold. I got them in the mail yesterday so let’s get to some first impressions and swatching!


1-2811_1The packaging is super gorgeous. It comes in a very pretty white box with golden lines on it, making it look very sophisticated and honestly, it just looks like a present to me. There are also three places carved out for the lipsticks, with the names written underneath. I love it.


There are three colors in this liquid 1-2818_1
lipstick set, a pinkish nude color – Winter rose, a metallic red – Cranberry, and a metallic brown – Clove. I especially like the red as in my opinion it has a golden shine to it and it’s just the perfect color for christmas. I also like winter rose, it is a great color for everyday wear, but I’m not too sure yet about clove. I really like the color, I just feel like browns do not suit me!


Anyways, let’s get to swatches:

Naamloze export2.jpg

Top to bottom : Winter Rose – Cranberry – Clove


From L-R : Clove – Cranberry – Winter Rose











I’m pretty sure you can see as to why the red is my favorite in the bunch ;).

These liquid lipsticks are very pigmented, so you don’t have to apply different coats of lipstick to get an even color all over.

Longevity – Transferproof – smudgeproof? 

As for the longevity of the lipstick, they do stay on for a while. I swatched them yesterday when I got home and then this morning the swatches were still very visible on my hand.

They are not smudge-, nor transferproof. Not being transferproof is not that much of an issue to me personally, especially because that usually means it is a formula that doesn’t dry out your lips as bad as formulas of lipsticks that are completely transferproof. But if you prefer transferproof liquid lipsticks, these are not the ones for you.


I definitely think I will be wearing these a lot, especially the red during the holidays, and even during summer. I feel like both Winter Rose and Cranberry are perfect colors for every season, but Clove would be something I mostly wear during fall/winter time. However, do not get me wrong, Clove could be the perfect lippie for a vampy makeup look, so if you feel like wearing it, no matter what season, just do it!

If you still want to buy the liquid lipstick trio, it is available still (for the moment) on cultbeauty as well as the ‘best of nudes mini lip crème set’. 

Have you tried any Jouer Cosmetics products? If so, what do you think about them?



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