MakeUp Eraser: review

Hey guys! Have you ever heard of the MakeUp Eraser? It is this type of cloth that removes your makeup without having to use any makeup remover, micellar water or soap. You just have to wet the cloth and use it on your face to remove any makeup. Sounds very impressive, doesn’t it? Keep reading to find out my thoughts on this product!

Product description

As I mentioned, it is a type of cloth in an oval 1-2931_1shape. One side has short hairs, and the other one has long hairs. You use the side with the short hairs to remove your makeup, by wetting the cloth with warm water and making circling motions on your face. You then can use the other side to exfoliate and dry your skin.

It is said to remove even waterproof makeup, it contains no chemicals and will not get smelly after using it a couple of times. You clean the makeup eraser by just putting it in the laundry with your other clothes/towels. They do say not to use bleach on it though.

This products comes in different colors and sizes. You have the regular size, which I have and you also have minis. You have them in pink, blue, purple, black, … So something for everyone!

My impression/review

I have been using this cloth to remove my makeup over the past few months and honestly, I am very impressed with this product. It removes my makeup super easily and very effectively, meaning if I go over my face with some cleansing tonic after, almost no makeup will still come off. It is also not harsh on the skin or eyes, which I really love because using cotton pads can be a little bit harsh and irritate my skin, especially around my eyes. And it is way faster then putting makeup remover on a cotton pad, remove some makeup, take another cotton pad, put makeup remover on it, … etc.

1-2951Even though it may seem a bit on the pricier side, something to consider is that you don’t need makeup removing products anymore. I do still have micellar water, for when this makeup eraser is in the laundry, but it takes me a lot longer to actually empty these bottles, which also means you spend less money on makeup removing products. So you spend a little more money once, but you save more in the end because you will need less makeup-removing products!

Regarding the side with the long hairs, I don’t really use that side a lot. I’d much rather exfoliate with a mask or a scrub. I still use it from time to time, just not as often as the side with the shorter hairs.

So, in short I really like this product. It saves time, money, doesn’t make my skin irritated even when used frequently. And I love the color range it comes in.

Would I recommend this product?

Hell yes. This is a very easy-to-use product, super handy for travelling and removes makeup very well and gently.

You can buy the makeup eraser on their official website, or if you are from Belgium/The Netherlands, you can buy them here or here.

Have you tried the MakeUp Eraser yet? What do you think about it?



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