Tarte x Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen eyeshadow palette

Hey guys! I hadn’t actually planned today’s post, as I didn’t feel like reviewing something that was not on the shelves anymore, BUT with the re-release of this Tarte x Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen palette, I decided to do an in-depth review of this product. So, for those of you who are still undecided about whether or not to get it this time -or for those who are interested in some looks with the palette -, keep reading!


1-3153_1This palette has the greatest packaging. It has a wood pattern imprinted on the palette, the lettering on the packaging is absolutely fabulous and there is also an alligator with wings. It comes in a box with the same design as well.

I really like the palette size. Length and width-wise it is not too big, yet also definitely bigger than travel-size palettes obviously, but looking sidewise it definitely is quite bulky.

There is also a mirror inside the palette, with this cute quote imprinted on the top: ‘believe in yourself, love yourself, embrace your individuality’. It was hard to get on photo, but I love love love this quote.


Last but not least, the palette also comes with a brush included. The brush itself is really soft and works really well for applying eyeshadow on the lid. It also has a wood pattern on the handle.



The palette itself has a bronzer, blush, highlighter and 9 eyeshadows, of which 3 colors are matte (natural peaches, big baby and mancat), and the rest either shimmer or glitter shadows.  The bronzer and blush both contain glitters and the highlighter is very glittery.

And all of these shadows/face powders smell super nice, a bit vanilla-y and sweet!


  • Highlighter (gator wings), Blush (does this thing really work?), Bronzer (sweet tea):

Gator wings – Does this thing really work – Sweet tea

  • Row 1 : #SFS, natural peaches, dogman :
  • Row 2 : big baby (disappears into my skin tone, hence not visible on photo), sassy bun, sippy sippy :
  • Row 3: haunting, uncommon, mancat :

Overall impression 

At first I didn’t really like this palette, because there were only 3 matte shades in there and I like to do my looks mostly matte with just a little bit of shimmer/glitter on the lid. However, by following Tarte’s snapchat, I saw how some of the girls on the Tarte Pro Team used it and honestly, it has opened a new world for me. This palette did make me think out of the box and try some new combinations, even glittery/shimmer shadows in the crease. All of these colors are crazy pigmented, very buildable and blendable.1-3185

Regarding the face powders (bronzer, blush, highlight), I’m not too sure about these yet. They are super pigmented, but the bronzer is a little orange for me and because it’s so pigmented, it’s hard to take the right amount of bronzer. A little bit too much bronzer and you will look like an orange.. Oops.

1-3183I do like the blush, but again it’s super pigmented so be careful with the amount you put on your brush! Also, as I mentioned, there are glitters in the blush. I don’t find them overpowering, they mostly give a nice glow, but do keep it in mind.

The highlighter I feel is a little too glittery for me and I’d rather use it as a lid color, instead of a highlighter. Again, all three of these colors are very buildable and blendable (but honestly, you don’t need to build a lot of color with these because just one swipe of these will blow you away, crazy pigmentation!).

I also wish the pans of the face powders were a little bigger as I like to use big brushes for all three and it’s hard to not get the powders everywhere when sweeping your too big brush in the pans.


I’m not sure if it’s vegan, but it definitely is cruelty-free, so yay!

Would I recommend it? 

I would definitely recommend it, as this palette contains some pretty gorgeous shades. But do keep in mind there is a lot of shimmer shadows/glitters in the palette so if you are more of a matte eyeshadow kind of person, this might not work for you.

It is again available on the Tarte website for a limited time. 

Some makeup-looks 









Do you have this palette? If so, what is your opinion on it?



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