Yves Rocher beauty: Yay or Nay?

Hey guys! Today ‘s post will be a tad longer than normal because I’m doing a hot or not-type of review of a couple of products from Yves Rocher. I’m going to review some eye shadows, some mascara, setting spray, and other products, so keep reading to find out what I think about this brand and its products!

I suggest we look at the products one by one for a good review. There are some Limited Edition pieces in here as well, that are exclusively available now for the holidays, but I will explicitly say it when it is a LE product.


Vertige Longueur mascara in black

This mascara was recommended to me by a friend, and her lashes looked really good so I
knew I needed to try this out myself. The first thing I noticed is that the mascara doesn’t really have a brush, it’s more like a wand with just a few really small ‘bristles’, I’m not even sure you can call it that. But you can see on the photo what it looks like from close by. There’s also only one side with the bristles, so if you accidentally put the other one on your lashes, all you get is clumps of mascara.

The mascara itself is really black and CAN give a nice effect. However, I feel like it is a clumpy mascara, and I keep poking myself in the eye with it. Also, to get a nice effect I have to brush through my lashes after applying mascara, which I feel is not only time wasted, but a product should work well enough so that you don’t have to do extra work, if you get what I mean. This is what my lashes look like with and without mascara (and after combing through my lashes):


In short, I would not repurchase this mascara. It’s also around 14-15€ I think, so I’d rather spend 10€ more and repurchase Benefit’s Roller Lash.

Kohl Pencil in 07 blanc

This is actually a light baby pink kohl 1-3011_1pencil. I’ve been using it a lot on my waterline (even though it disappears after like 2 minutes but I have that with anything on my waterline). This product actually works really nice for me, and I like to use it to accentuate certain things in my eye looks. I do not have anything negative to say about this product.


Cranberry & Almond Handcream (LE)

1-2999_1As you may or may not know by now, I kind of hoard hand creams. I always have dry hands, so I have at least one hand cream with me at all times. That also means I like to try out different brands as I have only found 1 brand that works for me so far. So, I thought I’d try this one out.

The scent of this is AMAZING, I’m not even kidding. It smells really sweet, but it just also smells really nice. On top of that, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. The cream itself is a bit on the watery side, but it’s definitely not runny either, so it’s a good mix, and it does a nice job of hydrating my hands. So this one is definitely a YAY!

Universal complexion Palette (LE)

This is also a product from the holiday collection.

I really really love the packaging, it looks so chique and sophisticated. It also has this tiny mirror inside and the product (untouched) is absolutely gorgeous. 1-2989_1

However, this is supposed to be a highlighter and blush combo, whereas I thought it was only a blush. I personally find it hard to see how a blush can also serve as a highlighter and vice versa, so going on that alone I’m already like ‘okay..’. Then I tried it out, and all that got on my face was the glitters from the upper part (even though I tried to swirl them out before re-dipping my brush into the product). No color showed up on my face, just glitters. I tried to build up some color, but it just wouldn’t work. So, whereas I absolutely love this packaging, I just do not love the product.

Swatches can be seen under the ‘Single Eyeshadows’ title.

Single Eyeshadows

I have three colors, 45. Orange Cosmos Mat, 46. Citron Mat and 57. Cranberry Scintillant. The last one is from the Holiday collection, so I’m thinking it’s LE, but I’m not 100% sure.

These colors are one by one really beautiful and also swatch beautifully. I have not used them often yet, so I can’t say anything about how well they stay on during the day, but they are very easy to work with. The yellow and orange blend really easily, the red is a little bit harder to work with. They also do not have any fallout, not even the red shimmer shadow, so I’m honestly pleasantly surprised by how good these eyeshadows are.


Citron Mat – Orange Cosmos Mat -Cranberry Scintillant – Universal Complexion palette

Pink grapefruit hydrating spray

1-3024_1Last product of the series is a hydrating spray. I have already tried out a Caudalie hydrating mist, and a Tarte one, but as these two are almost empty I decided to try out an Yves Rocher one. This product is supposed to hydrate your skin and can work as a fixing spray as well.

This product smells so nice, really citrussy (as you can tell by the fact that it is a grapefruit spray). However, spray wise, I do not like it so much. I like it to make my eyeshadow pop (put some eyeshadow on your brush and then spray it on your brush), which works tremendously well, BUT it doesn’t really feel like it’s hydrating when I spray it on my face, and it also comes out in a spray instead of a mist, if you understand me. So instead of having your face full of makeup that is damp after using a mist, it is actually really wet, because it sprays out the product.

This one is kind of on the edge for me. I’m going to keep using it for my eyeshadows but I do not think I’ll use it to fix my makeup.

Eye makeup looks


Whereas I do love their skincare products, I feel like makeup-wise their products just don’t do much for me. I also think that many of these products actually have potential to be really great products, but right now I feel like, for me, they aren’t.


Have you tried any Yves Rocher beauty products? If so, what did you think about them?



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