Tony Moly x Pokémon

Hey guys! If you’ve read my Beauty haul post last week, you’ll know I purchased some products of the Tony Moly x Pokémon collection. I really couldn’t not buy it, because Pokémon was such a big part of my childhood, and I still really like Pokémon (oops!). I also really wanted to try some Tony Moly products so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Anyways, let’s take a closer look at the products I purchased!

1-3826_1Many of these products actually have different packaging with different Pokémons, so you can pick whichever Pokémon packaging you want. They have Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Clefairy, … All of these Pokémon are from the Original 150 Pokémon if I’m correct – Keep in mind some Pokémon might have different names because they are in Korean (I think?). And they have products in every category, they have skincare (such as foam cleansers, moisturisers), makeup (blushes, eyeshadow palettes) and bodycare (handcreams). I bought my Tony Moly x Pokémon products on !

Isanghessi (Bulbasaur) Pore foam cleanser

1-3832_1I was so excited to try this out since my skin has been acting up over the past few months and I’ve been on the search for some products that work for me. I heard that Korean skincare is really good, so naturally I had to buy one of these.

This product is wonderful. It smells nice, not sweet, but very nice. And I feel like it actually does something to my skin. It is still acting up, but it’s not as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago, so this product must be doing something positive. I only use this once a day though, because I feel like using it twice maybe a bit too much for my skin, so I use this in the evenings and then a mild cleanser in the morning. It’s not an aggressive product, it’s just that my skin’s really sensitive.

This product is indeed really foamy. It comes out as a cream-like product, but it soon turns to foam as you make circling movements on your wet face. It does a very good job cleaning  my face and it doesn’t dry it out. So, this product is definitely worth trying out in my opinion!

Pikachu hand cream

I am always on the search for new 1-3828handcreams, as I’ve probably mentioned a 100 times before, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try out this one too. This one has a very vanilla-y scent to it, smells really nice.

I really like this handcream, because I feel like it hydrates well, and it doesn’t only hydrate for like 2 mins and then does nothing anymore as I feel that is what some hand creams do. This one also does not leave your hands greasy, which I personally find very important.

As you can tell, this product is definitely also a win situation and I would repurchase this one again.

Pikachu Blush

There are 3 different colors to pick from, and I got # 2 – Rose coral. Packaging-wise, this product is absolutely amazing. First off, look at how cute the Pikachu face on the top is. Second, the cushion inside to apply your blush with is an actual Poké-ball cushion. HOW CUTE IS THIS??

I’m not too sure about the blush itself yet. I haven’t actually tried it on my face, but I noticed when swatching it feels like a cushion foundation. So it is a kind of liquid blush, but not really, and it honestly just seems like such a weird concept to me to apply a blush that way. Nonetheless, I will still try this out and love this just because the packaging is just so damn cute. I can’t help it. The color itself is really gorgeous, as you can tell on the swatch below.


These were my first ever three Tony Moly products. Have you tried any of their products or maybe their Pokémon products? If so, what did you think about them? Let me know in the comments!



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9 thoughts on “Tony Moly x Pokémon

  1. sarahscupofbeauty says:

    Love love love Tony Moly! And such cute packaging! I feel like Korean blushes are always so light. I’m often not sure how to feel about it. They’re very different from the textures we’re used to I guess. The pigmentation is also different. I’m sorry, I must be spamming your notifyer haha. But I love your posts, lovely pictures and nice reviews! xoxo Sarah

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