Best of beauty 2016

Hey guys! Long time no see. Hope you all enjoyed the time with your families and happy new year! I thought I’d start off my new blogging year by telling you what I have loved in 2016. It’s going to be quite a bit, so let’s get started!


Eyeshadow palettes


Two palettes I found myself reaching for most of the time are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and the Violet Voss x Laura Lee palette. Both have very good pigmentation and you can do a lot with either of them. Whereas the Modern Renaissance palette has mostly matte shades, there are quite some shimmer or even glitter shades in the Violet Voss x Laura Lee palette which I really love. There is a little bit of fall out when using these shimmer shades but nothing too serious to make it annoying. So, these palettes get two thumbs up from me!

Face palettes


I think this image speaks for itself. I really like the Benefit cheekathon for the reason that I can take this palette and still am able to choose which color blush or bronzer I want. That way I do not have to take different blushes/bronzers with me all the time (+ the packaging is bomb dot com).

The other face palette I really like is my Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette. This has some universally flattering shades for highlighting, either with some glitter or without. And I just really like it.



I have a few primers, both high end and drugstore, and they do their job, it’s just I keep reaching for this one over and over again. You only need the smallest amount of this and it just makes your foundation look absolutely flawless, even if it is drugstore. I feel like you can use this with pretty much every foundation, and it won’t alter the effect whereas if I use some of my other primers I notice that they do not work with all my foundations.

Expensive, but good.



I have not tried the biggest amount of foundations this year, but there are a few I’ve really loved. The first one is the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish foundation stick (what a name, right?!). I got this in the summer when I was in Cali and I loved it for the simple reasons that it is buildable, very blendable, nice shade range and it doesn’t get greasy on me during the day (even in California weather). I would like to wear it now, but it is a tad too dark currently. For those who would like to now, my summer shade is ‘Shell’

The second one I really like is the L’Oréal Infallible 24h-matte. This is a very matte foundation, and does not get greasy on me. However, when my skin is dry (especially now in winter), I feel like it’s a bit too matte and it will accentuate any dry spots. The shade range is also not that large. I myself have the lightest shade available I think, and is 11 Vanilla.

The last foundation I really loved in 2016 is the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau. I only got this in December, but this is gorgeous and I’ve used it so many times since I got it. It’s perfect for winter now, as it doesn’t dry out my skin. It is light to medium coverage, but definitely buildable, does not get greasy during the day and stays on very well. They recently expanded their shade range, so they have quite a few colors now, also with different undertones. I myself have the shade 02C – Clair rose.



I only have liquid lipsticks in this category because that’s what I wear most often. A few of my favorites shades this year were: Jouer Cranberry, Jouer Winter Rose, Ofra Miami Fever (x Kathleen Lights), Lime Crime Cashmere, Nyx Abu Dhabi. I have been reaching for these colors a lot over the past year.

Brand-wise I must say that Lime Crime and Ofra are my favorite ones for liquid lipsticks. Ofra stays on very well, is not transferproof, but is smudgeproof. Lime Crime does not stay on as long as Ofra, but I do feel like they have a very nice color range and their liquid lipsticks are very comfortable to wear.



I combined bronzer and highlight, because I only have one favorite of either. I don’t have a favorite blush (yet).

For bronzer, the Physicians Formula Butter bronzer is my absolute favorite. It smells like summer, is not too orange on me, and has a nice glow to it. For highlighter, I prefer my BE Creative makeup baked highlighter. This was a limited edition, but it’s just so gorgeous.


1-4218For those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while now it should come as no surprise that the Benefit Roller Lash is my absolute favorite. I have tried other mascaras but none work like this one does for me. It does not smudge on me, gives me super long and black lashes and just overall is really good.


For mattifying powder, I really like this Essence 1-4220all about matt powder. It’s super affordable, but it works. If you get greasy during the day this will do the trick.



This stuff is magic. I never was able to make wings and this just makes it so so so easy. It is also super black, does not smudge nor transfer. I did feel like I ran out pretty quick though, so that’s a bummer, but I will definitely repurchase this.



I use a lot of brushes when I do makeup looks, however three brushes I always have with me are the Guerlain foundation brush, Ecotools bronzer brush and Ecotools fan brush. The Guerlain brush is amazing because the foundation will not sink in between the bristles, and it will give you a streakless application. The Ecotools brushes are super soft and I love how big they are. They also do not eat the product and apply very well.

I also included my Real Techniques brush cleaning tool, because this has my made life so much easier. My brushes are clean so much quicker compared to when I did not have this tool.



First, we have the Avène hydrance optimale daycream. This stuff works really well, does not break me out, has some spf in there and is not greasy. Then we have the Body Shop Vitamin E serum and the Oils of Life sleeping cream. In summer I use the sleeping cream on its own at night, but with winter here and my face getting really dry, I like to use the Vitamin E serum before applying the sleeping cream for optimal results. Both of these make my face super soft the day after and it just helps really well when you have dry skin.

Lastly, we have the Nip + Fab glycolic scrub. I do not use this scrub often, but when I do I notice that it does something to my skin. It not only removes dead skin cells, but there is also glycolic acid in there helping your skin renew itself.



I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that I really love my Tangle Teezer. I currently have three different ones, because that thing is magic. I get tangles really bad and this is the only thing that gets through them without pulling out all my hair. It is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it.

The second thing I’ve been really loving is the Shimmer lights silver shampoo. This works better than any other silver shampoo I’ve ever tried. I don’t even have to leave it in for long to see results, and if you leave it in long enough, you will have slightly purple hair ;).



Another thing I’ve been really loving is the Marvis toothpaste. The taste of mint is absolutely overwhelming, so if that is not your thing, skip this. However, this is the only toothpaste that I notice makes such a difference in the color of my teeth.


Lastly I also have my Quay Australia sunglasses in the mix. These are quite expensive and I doubted getting them because of the price, but I haven’t once regretted getting these. There is such a difference between these and those super cheap 2€ ones, plus I mean the Quay Australia sunglasses are some of the most beautiful sunglasses, am I right??

This was quite a long post, but I do hope you enjoyed reading it. Have you tried any of these products? What were your favorites in 2016? Let me know in the comments!



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23 thoughts on “Best of beauty 2016

  1. bexfaye says:

    Love this! I have recently started using roller lash as I got it for Christmas and I love it already! I already have naturally long eyelashes, just really fair so this really curls and darkens them! x

    • Saskia says:

      Thank you! It is a really good mascara. I feel like I have pretty long lashes too, but this mascara just makes them even longer, blacker and indeed curls them. I also noticed that the longer I use it, the more curl is in my lashes too! X

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