Guerlain: Lingerie de Peau foundation

Hey guys! Time for a high-end product review today. I will talk more in depth about the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation that I bought a couple of weeks ago, so let’s get started, shall we?


As with all of Guerlain’s products, the packaging is very luxurious. It is in a glass bottle, very sophisticated in my opinion, with a pump for dispensing the foundation. The L’Or makeup base has the same bottle, but a golden cap, whereas the foundation has a black cap.

The foundation itself is priced at 45-50€ depending on which store you go to, and is available in Ici Paris XL, Inno galeria and Douglas.


The foundation itself is a bit more on the watery side, 1-4246which I don’t mind, especially not in winter when my skin is drier than usual. It is medium coverage, but you can definitely build it up, and it does not accentuate dry spots either.

There is a bit of perfume in there, or at least it smells that way, but it does not irritate my skin or break me out.

I like to apply it with my Guerlain foundation brush, but you can definitely use any other foundation brush or your beautyblender.


It is not exactly a matte foundation, but it is not dewy either. It is somewhere in between those two. I’m not sure how to call foundations with such a finish, but I am going to call it a ‘natural’ finish, and I think you will understand what I mean.

For those of you wondering, I have the shade 02C-Clair Rose

Lasting power

1-4094This foundation actually stays on pretty well. I put them on everyday before work, and when I got home it was still on very well, so it definitely lasts all day. It also does not make my face greasy during the day as other foundations would do, and it also does not dry out my face (which sometimes I feel happens when using extremely matte foundations).

I personally feel that by combining this foundation with their L’Or makeup base, it stays on even longer, and it just works better together than with another primer.


I really like this foundation, even though it is quite expensive. It is the foundation I go for the most, especially now in winter since my face is drier than in summer, and it does not break me out.


Have you tried this foundation? If so, what did you think about it?



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6 thoughts on “Guerlain: Lingerie de Peau foundation

  1. Elisa says:

    Ik ben hier zo benieuwd naar! Zoveel goede dingen al over gehoord en klinkt ideaal voor mijn huid die aan de droge kant is. Die roze brush is zo mooi trouwens ❤

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