L’Oréal Pure Clay masks

Hello everyone! I have lots of face masks ready to review for you guys, so expect quite a few blogposts concerning skincare. Today, I will review the L’Oréal Pure Clay masks. I actually got them when they first came out, but I just did not get to reviewing it. Because I’ve had them for so long and have tested them several times, I am able to hopefully give an in-depth review about these masks, so let’s get started!

I got 2 of the masks, the red one and the black one. These masks retail around 9.99€ each I think, which I feel might be a little much for some people. However, they claim you can get 10 uses out of this, so then it is only 0.99€ per use, which is not a lot.


Let’s look at the masks separately.

Detox mask 

This is the black mask, and it has 3 types of clay in there, as well as charcoal. That sounds very interesting, doesn’t it? Further, it claims that the creamy texture of the mask does not dry out your skin and that your skin immediately will appear healthier/glowier. It ofcourse smells like clay.

I do really like this mask. I use 1-4401it especially whenever I have a breakout on my face, as I feel that is when it is most effective for me. I do not really notice much difference right after I’ve used it, but the next day my breakout will be much less or even gone in some cases. However, I do feel like this does dry out my skin. It’s not the mask per se, but it’s so hard to get off, that I just sometimes feel like I spend 10 mins trying to get it all off, and then my face will be feeling dry. So it’s not per se the mask that is drying, but more the getting it off part.

It does not make my skin glowier, or appear healthier after using it, but that just might be because I have never paid much attention to that.

In short, I do really like this mask. It is efficient in cleaning your face and getting rid of breakouts, but it can be drying as it is hard to get off.


Exfoliating mask

This is the red mask, which contains 3 clays and red algae extract. Again, this mask claims that the creamy texture will not dry out your skin. Further, this mask will exfoliate your skin and will make your pores look smaller.

1-4397It actually took me about three applications or so before I discovered I had been using the mask wrong, oops. So you are supposed to put it on your face like a face mask, leave it on for a couple of minutes and then instead of rinsing it off, you need to take some water and make circling motions on your face to scrub it. As soon as I started doing this, I also noticed a difference in my skin. I really like this mask because it does not irritate my skin or make it super red, as some other scrubs tend to do and it works well. It is overall just a very gentle scrub. Again, this will help keep breakouts at bay or reduce them. I haven’t noticed much difference pore-wise however.

This mask will not dry out my skin and it’s also not hard to get off. Once you start scrubbing, it’s easy to remove the mask from your face.

In short, I really like this mask, it does what it says it does (except the pore refining), but it definitely helps my skin keep clear and it is a nice and gentle scrub.

Have you tried these masks yet? If so, what are your opinions on it? Let me know in the comments.


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9 thoughts on “L’Oréal Pure Clay masks

  1. Elise says:

    I have the black one! Really happy with this product.. but everyone keeps telling it’s hard to get off , while mine gets of so easily 😮 maybe I’m using it wrong then? I use my make-up Eraser to get it off.. 😀 because I think washcloths are too harsh.

    • Saskia says:

      Oooh I might try the makeup eraser, because indeed washcloths are harsh and especially if you have to go over one area multiple times to get it all off! Lucky you that you get it off so easily! Xx

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