Inecto coconut body scrub

Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been ages since I blogged about bodycare, so I decided I would talk about a scrub I’ve been using. It’s by Inecto. If you don’t know the brand, I really like their shampoo and conditioner, many (or maybe even all) of their products are mostly natural and I believe they have some vegan products too! So, keep reading to find out what I think about this scrub.


The scrub is packaged in a tube with a screw-on cap. It contains 150 ml for a price of 4 to 5€ (depending on where you buy it). The product is dispensed through a tiny hole in the tube, which I personally really like because that way you won’t take too much at once. However, when it’s almost empty it can be quite the struggle to get anything out.

Scent + texture of the scrub

1-4806Scent-wise I feel like it doesn’t exactly smell like coconut, but there is definitely something coconutty in there. In my opinion, it smells vanilla-y and sweet, but with a hint of coconut.

It is not a thick scrub, more a liquidy kind of scrub, but not runny either if you understand me. More like a showergel kind of runny. It is very easy to cover a big spot of skin with just a tiny bit of product.

The scrubbing particles in there are very small, and there is also coconut oil in there to help your skin hydrate after scrubbing.

Overall impression

I really like this scrub. I prefer smaller scrub particles more than those large ones you get1-4812 when using a sugar scrub, as I feel you can use less product for the same surface. Further, it does not dry out or irritate my skin and scrubs very nicely, removing dead skin cells. The coconut
oil in there is also a welcome bonus to your skin, leaving it not only hydrated but very soft after scrubbing.

I think I would prefer a different kind of packaging though, because those small scrub particles tend to get in the cap and then it makes this weird sound when opening/closing the tube. Further, it’s also very hard to get the product out when you’re running low on product. So, even though this is more hygienic, I think I would prefer a jar for the product.

I also would like it if a bigger size of this product was available. 150 ml is not a lot and I usually run out of it pretty quickly.


The scrub itself is a very good product, removing dead skin cells, but also hydrating your skin and leaving it soft afterwards due to the coconut oil in there. I would like a larger sized version of this, as 150 ml is not really a lot in my opinion and I run out of it fairly quick.


Have you tried any Inecto products? If so, what did you think of them? Let me know.



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