L’Oréal colorista washout

Hey guys! Long time no see. I’ve had some really busy weeks and haven’t really had the time to blog or try out lots of products. I will try to get back to posting regularly ASAP but just bear with me for now.


I did recently get my hair redone. It was about time as my regrowth had reached uncontrollable levels. I not only decided to get an ombre, but also to ask my hairdresser if she wanted to put the L’Oréal colorista washout on my hair, as I trust her more with the product than myself and I was sure she would make it look good, no matter what. So I decided to tell you about my experience with the product!


When looking at the Colorista line, you have 3 options. Either you go for a spray that washes out immediately, a washout product that will stay 5-10 washes or you opt for a permanent pastel color which will stay put for several weeks. I opted for the washout in blue, and got this effect:


Cellphone picture, hence the bad quality

It doesn’t look as blue on the first photo as it was in real life. However, it was a pretty greyish blue color as you can see on the second set of photos taken with my camera. Also, if you have long hair I would advise to use two bottles if you plan on doing your full lengths with this product. We only used one and we had to be careful not to use too much product on my hair to cover everything.

So far I have washed it twice and the blue is still in there. However, it has turned to a more downturned aqua blue-ish grey color. Still pretty though and I really like it.


After washing my hair once

Have you tried any of the new Colorista products? If so, what is your opinion on them?



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